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  1. Mr Belvedere 30144

    FOR SALE For Sale 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

    Sorry Scooby not to good with picture posting.
  2. Mr Belvedere 30144

    FOR SALE For Sale 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

    Born: April 20th 1965 Belvedere II 383 4 speed. Older round up Resto Mod. 440 six barrel, ceramic headers, Protonix II distributor, 727 TF, 2500 stall converter, Booted mustang 3 speed automatic floor shifter, 8 3/4 3:54 sure grip differential, Power front disc brakes, Electric cooling fan...
  3. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Google maps truck take picture of guys who broke into my house

    Too bad she was not armed and didn't blow their brains all over the walls. Never go anywhere unarmed. Always be apprehensive when re entering your home after being gone or when answering to door. Just sayin. Glad she is ok.
  4. Mr Belvedere 30144

    hi from ga

    Welcome from Kennesaw Georgia
  5. Mr Belvedere 30144

    So... About That Fat & Furious Show

    Honey Boo Boo except with stupid fat car guys
  6. Mr Belvedere 30144

    So... About That Fat & Furious Show

    Fat and stupid, rolling fat! Fat and fatter! Fat and furious? I don't think so. Fat and ridiculous more like, and can this moron ever talk without a tooth pick in his mouth?! Disgusting! The cars would be a second faster without a lard *** in the drivers seat..JEEZ eat some veggies and get some...
  7. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Lets talk Coffee

    Got a Kerig last fall. I drink black coffee of several kinds now, regular,hazel nut, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla etc
  8. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Let's see your stance/tire combo

    255/60/15 235/60 15
  9. Mr Belvedere 30144

    ANother Ebag Posting.. A near complete 426 Hemi

    I think he is a few cylinders shy of a V8
  10. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Louis zamperini, patriot

    I have been reading unbroken for the last week. He was something else!!!!!
  11. Mr Belvedere 30144

    so this is what 707hp sounds like.

    I agree. It's cool but sounds run of the mill like the Camaro or stang. For the money I would build a vintage hemi Belvedere or charger or such.
  12. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Fender tag decode help

    Wing you are correct. The guy from the link I provided answered me back and admitted he made a mistake and the "4" just means vinyl for either bucket or bench. Go figure the internet has wrong info!!!??? Thanks very much! This site is the best!!
  13. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Fender tag decode help

    Yes and the trim level I find on the site i referenced says for H "High grade trim bench". Then 4 is "vinyl bucket seats" the B is "blue". I guess the site is wrong on the 4. Per their site mine should say H5B, the 5 being vinyl bench seat 2 door sedan and 4 door sedan and HT. I read on other...
  14. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Fender tag decode help

    I understand the B is blue but what about the bench seat vs bucket seat contradiction in H4? I read that only the satellite could have buckets not the Belvedere II But my tag contradicts itself. According to this site. H is...
  15. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Fender tag decode help

    Hey guys can I get some help on my fender tag decode. I realize i have a 383 4 speed with seat belts and originally blue. My question is on the trim. the TRM is H4B. the H is for Bench seat but I read that the 4 is vinyl bucket seat? What is the deal here?
  16. Mr Belvedere 30144

    More from those Duke boys...

    I would have paid them to do it!
  17. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Picture Board! Show off your car!

    My 1965 Belvedere at recent car show in Georgia. Winner Winner chicken dinner!
  18. Mr Belvedere 30144

    I just had a very bad day, broken arm, car destroyed

    It was an accident so don't beat yourself up. I pray you both have no lasting effects. You will be much more careful in the future now.
  19. Mr Belvedere 30144

    Rice Burner

    Was that Drew Carry's brother?
  20. Mr Belvedere 30144

    6 pack acting weird...or maby acting normal? lol

    I just let the experts set mine up. That would be Lance Patton of Patton racing carbs in Lawrenceville Ga. You will benefit from an experienced tuner.