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  1. prhousejr

    Something click, engine no starty.

    Hey guys, this morning when I was leaving to come to work in my 68 Satellite as always. I hit the key, and something clicked/pop once and then nothing. No cranking. It did not click several times like a battery problem. It only clicked once like a loose connection, or something. I hit the...
  2. prhousejr

    Parking lights

    Got the front turn signals/parking lights working on my 68 Satellite. I noticed that when the headlights are on the parking lights are off. The turn signals still work though. Is this normal? If not what is a possible problem? Forgive me guys, I am learning here......:edgy:
  3. prhousejr

    Dash Lights

    When I bought my 68 Satellite none of the dash lights worked except for the oil light, and the turn signal indicators. I pulled all the ones not working, and replaced bulbs, but still none work!!!! What now? Does the thumb roller switch that controls the dome, and gauge brightness have...
  4. prhousejr

    interior lights

    Ok I have everything on my 68 Satellite working now except for the dome light. Map light works, console light works, ignition switch light works. So am I correct in thinking that the door switch is ok? The bulb in the dome is good. Where would you guys look next? And did these cars have a...
  5. prhousejr

    Fuel gauge crazy!!!!!

    Hello, it is me again with yet another electrical question....... My fuel gauge works....then it dont.....then it does but reads wrong........ Yesterday it was working, and I was working around the dash and turned the flashers on to see if they worked. When I turned the flashers on the fuel...
  6. prhousejr

    What the heck is this thing???? PLEASE HELP

    Ok, I have a 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite. I am having gauge probs. My # 1 question right now is figuring out what something is. I have the cluster out, laying face (gauges down) in my lap looking at the back where the bulbs go. Up to the top right corner is a small barrel shaped thing. It...