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  1. prhousejr

    Engine colors

    What color was engines in 1968 Sport Satellites, and Roadrunners?
  2. prhousejr

    1968 Roadrunner Question.

    What is the correct term, or name of the wide chrome piece that is on the trunk lid between the tail lights. Did some 68 model Runners not have these panels?
  3. prhousejr

    68 marker lights.

    I am trying to put new bulbs in my fender marker lights on my 68 Satellite. I dont want to break them, but how the HECK do you get them apart? I realize this car is 41 years old but dang!:confused: Reckon I need to soak them in pb blaster, or is there a trick this Mopar newby dont know?:grin:
  4. prhousejr

    Tire question 1968

    I am sure this is the billionth time this question has been posted, but I cant seem to find a thread on it. I am wanting a big fat tire and wheel combo on the back of my 68 Satellite. I want to use a fifteen inch wheel. Anybody know how wide a wheel will fit and what backspacing? How big of...