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  1. wedge5

    CME crate engines

    I am happy with the 522 they built me. Their HP/TQ # were higher than advertised. Dropped motor in and fired right up. Car ran flawless at the track. My only issue is that they were a little slow on the build wasn't that big of a deal though.
  2. wedge5

    Fastest pass Ever with the Black Dodge

    I can't believe you posted any times for this car! I have been asking for a few years now for times and nothing. The black Dodge has been an interest of mine for a few years now.
  3. wedge5

    Atomic Wedgie 1st run of 14'

    Finally got the car down the track. Only made 1/8th mile passes. Best 6.736 @101.91 w/ 1.484 60ft Made 6 total passes most being 6.74-6.76 @101.95 w/1.50 60ft I didn't adjust anything i.e tire pressure, shocks setting. I just wanted to get a base line and get the car down the track. It was cold...
  4. wedge5

    MSD Pic

    Don't use 3M. When it gets hot outside it will not hold. I put mine on that side also but used the mounts provided. I mounted it to the fire wall on the inside the car.
  5. wedge5

    Pass. side rear sag?

    I have sub frame connectors so hopefully that is not the issue. If the t bars don't fix it I will have to look at that next. - - - Updated - - - When it stops raining around here I will get the car out and check
  6. wedge5

    Pass. side rear sag?

    Springs are installed on the correct side. I have new bars up front and just had the front aligned. I was grasping at straws with the "shocks" because I can not figure out why the pass side is sagging
  7. wedge5

    Pass. side rear sag?

    I just replaced my SS springs with new ones because the car was sagging a lot on the pass. side. When I laid the old one on top of the new one there was a 3-5" difference. The old one was flattened out for sure. So I knew I needed new ones. Now that I have all new parts bolted in the...
  8. wedge5

    Adj. shocks with SS leafs

    I am very impressed with your car. My best 60' time is 1.54 but I upgraded the motor and stall this year. The 3 way Comp. Eng. shocks were inconsistent with the old set up so I need to upgrade the shocks. I looked at the QA1 shocks but the ext. length specs seem to be a little short for a SS...
  9. wedge5

    Adj shock starting point?

    Calverts make front and rear shocks but I am not going with there rear shocks. I am looking at the Afco rear single adjustable shocks. Good suggestion though, I will get a hold of Afco to see what they have to say.
  10. wedge5

    Adj shock starting point?

    I am getting ready to put single adjustable rear shocks on my drag car only. Was wondering what my starting point should be. Max tight setting or loose and adjust until I find the best 60' times? Front suspension: 90/10 Calverts and 318 t bars. Rear suspension: SS springs(in board), Dana w/4:56...
  11. wedge5

    Gassers Anyone?

    Doug's has a set of fenderwell headers for a RB. They are made for the 62-65 B body cars.
  12. wedge5

    Adj. shocks with SS leafs

    I have a 65 Coronet that has SS leafs, stock height. What adj. shock are you guys running with SS leafs. My car is strip only?
  13. wedge5

    Ladder bars or 4 link?

    I have an appointment to take the car to the shop so I can get an estimate on cost for the job. Sucks though because they told me they couldn't get it in before the 2nd week of September. Hopefully I can get it back in time to get it down the track this year. How long should a job like this...
  14. wedge5

    Rear Leaf choice - SS or XHD or?

    The SS springs: pass side 8 leafs, driver side 6 leafs. The extra leafs on the pass side are positioned towards the front i.e. 8 front/6 rear. The pass side sits a little higher than the dr.side. The ride on the street is fine. It sites a little higher in the rear so you will need a longer...
  15. wedge5

    Rear shackle angle difference?

    I gave it a visual but nothing stood out as out of the ordinary except the shackle at an 135* angle.
  16. wedge5

    Rear shackle angle difference?

    I kinda figured that would be hard to express in words. Basically the drivers side shackle is at a 90* angle and the pass side is at a 135* angle. I am not sure if I can figure out how to post pics. I use an IPad these days and never learned how to post pics with it.
  17. wedge5

    Rear shackle angle difference?

    For some reason my pass side rear shackle rotated backwards so the angle is different than the driver side. The car now sags on the right side. How do I adjust it back and how could this have happened? I have looked things over and haven't found anything obvious.
  18. wedge5

    Ladder bars or 4 link?

    65 Coronet, 685hp@5900 696@4800, 727 w/4800 stall, Dana w/4:56 and 29x10.5w Hoosiers. Not sure of weight but has normal drag car interior, fiberglass (hood, frt & rear bumper) aluminum (heads,h2o housing, intake, radiator) battery and cell in trunk. Car is drag only. I am sure I left some...
  19. wedge5

    Which one would it be if you could only keep one?

    My dad's 70 440-6 Cuda. I know where it is too. The guy had it restored and if I win the lottery it will be mine.
  20. wedge5

    Pitman arm nut size?

    Air compressor is down at this time so have to use the 500lbs bench press muscles to bust it loose. I was putting all I had behind it but it wasn't budging looks like I better hit the gym. This is the last obsticle I have to over come before I can hit the track.