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  1. prhousejr

    QUESTION. Please Help....

    Thanks runner after looking at it so E more I think you are right. Thanks for the assist once again......
  2. prhousejr

    QUESTION. Please Help....

    thanks man.....
  3. prhousejr

    QUESTION. Please Help....

    Been a while since I have been on here. I sold my Plymouth, but recently I bought a motorhome with a chrysler chassis, and a 440 big block. I wanted a 440 in my Satellite, but I will settle for one in the motorhome...... ***Anyway here is the question*** The motorhome needed a power...
  4. prhousejr

    ebay 1968 Satellite for sale.

    Selling the car... needing a new truck. less than one day on ebay. i am gonna sell to the high bidder.........make me an offer......click on the link below to see...
  5. prhousejr

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Just thought I would drop in for a minute and say hey. Had not been on here in a while, and just wanted to say I hope all my Mopar friends have a great Christmas. Been real busy as of late. Sold a house, and bought another one. Still got the old b-body. Hadnt had alot of time to do much to...
  6. prhousejr

    Need HELP

    Sure don't. What vin # or letters would tell me if it is an rt or engine size. This guy emailed me pics and told me about it. I am thinking of going to look at it, and wanted to know what to look for.
  7. prhousejr

    Need HELP

    Anyone? Please?
  8. prhousejr

    Need HELP

    I have never been much with the whole # matching stuff so I need some help here. I got a guy offering me a 1968 r/t Coronet with matching numbers 440 engine. What do I need to look for to first make sure it is a R/T car? Second what do I need to look for to make sure it is the 440 that goes...
  9. prhousejr

    what happened to 69runner?

    Have not been on here in a while. Where did 69runner go?
  10. prhousejr


    What 2 barrel carb did they use on 318s in 1968. It is in a satellite.
  11. prhousejr

    What size bolts?

  12. prhousejr

    What size bolts?

    What size are the bolts for the manifolds on a 318? Look to be around 5/16 inch, but I am unsure.... Also, what size is the pitman arm nut? Thanks all.....
  13. prhousejr


    Any Of you guys and gals on facebook?
  14. prhousejr

    New Canuck member

    Awesome green. I love it. Welcome.
  15. prhousejr

    Body parts??

    What can I say? I am on a budget. Nobody, and I mean Nobody can do as much with as little money as me..... Bragging a little there...
  16. prhousejr

    New guy up here in the Mtn of Colorado

    Hello Roger!!
  17. prhousejr

    rear firewall

    is this a car you are building? Or is this a car that is finished? i.e. paint is already done. If the paint is done your choices are limited, and I would advise against a cell. If the paint and body is not done I personally would like to see a more permanant type firewall installed. Welded in...
  18. prhousejr

    Hello from Burbank, CA

    sweet car, welcome.
  19. prhousejr

    powder coating