1964 Plymouth Savoy restro

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  • Haven't been here for a long time but a few months ago finished the plymouth and made a few test runs, posting final pictures of the project. we all know it's nevrr done.
    The parts added to upgrade, wilwood front disc brakes, aluminum struts, vacuum pump assy, low altinator mount with 100 amp mini altinator, MSD billet distributor , MSD digital box, added another Optima battery in trunk, mini starter , Moser spool, Moser 35 spline axels , 4 new tires, including new 10.5 X 28 MT slicks, Compitition Engineering ajustable shocks and a little more.
    Removed the vacuum pump and will be ordering the CalTrac mono spring and bars assy., 13 X 31 Slicks., 4.89 gear.
    Going back to earier specs of my old cars, no more small tires.
    Thanks for looking. Ron 64 SAVOY17 (1).jpg 64 SAVOY13 (1).jpg 64 SAVOY12 (1).jpg 20161025_132351_resized.jpg 20161025_132327_resized.jpg 20161025_132256_resized.jpg 20161025_131936_resized.jpg 20161025_132230_resized.jpg 64 SAVOY24.jpg 64 SAVOY23.jpg 64 SAVOY22.jpg 64 SAVOY30.jpg 64 SAVOY29.jpg 64 SAVOY28.jpg 20160523_201910.jpg 64 SAVOY1.jpg 64 SAVOY3 (1).jpg 64 SAVOY2.jpg 64 SAVOY6 (1).jpg 20150724_153325.jpg

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  1. Mike Gaines
    sweet, love it
  2. partsmonsta
    Ron; Can you tell me where you purchased the header turndowns. THANKS.
  3. gearheadbill
    Nice Job,reminds Me of the past for Sure !
  4. malex
    Ron. Nice to see that you got it finished up, and a terrific job to boot! Looking forward to hearing when you start making passes with it!
    Good job!
  5. bwinters
    Very well done. Nice classic look
    1. ron luks
      Thank you.
      ron luks, Dec 20, 2016
    2. ron luks
      Thank you, wanted to get the 60s look, took off the vacuum pump, looks better, I just didn't have the internals to make it work right, know anybody that needs a setup, I put together mounts that bolt right to the passeger side head, not offered by any vacuum pump manufacturer.
      ron luks, Dec 21, 2016
  6. 340challconvert
    Cool and clean 64:icon_fU:
    1. ron luks
      Thanks appreciate it.
      ron luks, Dec 20, 2016
  7. bobgears
    Very nice car!
    1. ron luks
      Thank you.
      ron luks, Nov 28, 2016
  8. 67belvedere/225
    nice craftsmanship , dean work , well done
    1. ron luks
      Thank you , 3 1/2 years.
      ron luks, Nov 28, 2016
  9. Riverdawg
    Awesome Savoy.
    1. ron luks
      Thanks a lot, means a lot to me.
      ron luks, Nov 28, 2016
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