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10 Real-Life Examples Of Why American Measurements Are Better Than The Communist Metric System

"What's your favorite American unit of measurements? Let us know in the comments."


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"Oh, Celsius just makes more sense! Water freezes at zero and boils at 100! It's so logical!"

Don’t forget Chrysler built a 350 in the 50s before GM did...
Temperature scale to use? Choose whichever you like because the weatherman is going to be wrong anyway.
the bastages have made a killing on 10mm sockets
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Ford figured it out in the 60's...probably using the emblem because of Nascar's 7 litre size limit back then.
View attachment 16674281litre is 61 cubic inches X 7 = 427 cubic inches. Which Ford and Chevy had back then. Our beloved Max Wedge and Hemi are just shy of the 7 litres. Kim
Good ol' RC is just winding people up to see who would fall for it. :) It's easy, when you distort the figures. When his article mentions that "The metric system was invented by Communists to overthrow capitalism and institute a New World Order.", he really wants to divert attention that the metric system started in France, England, and yes, the USA (at the International Electrical Congress in Chicago, 1893).

1. Foot size:
American units: 1 foot.
Metric units: 0.0003048 kilometers.
This makes literally no sense.

Actually, the average male American foot is 10.8125 inches, hardly less cumbersome than 27.4637 cm.

2. A cup of coffee.
American units: 1 cup.
Metric units: 236.588 milliliters
. Also it's probably disgusting tea.

A metric cup is usually 250 ml, so it's bigger than your little American cup. Also, if tea was so disgusting, they wouldn't have cared about the tax back in Boston. :)

3. The weight of a single potato
American units: 1 potato. Sensible and clear.
Metric units: 34 decigrams or something? Terrible. What does that even mean?

Since every potato is a different size, there isn't a real unit of "1 potato". If there was, it would be the same in metric. If you look carefully the next time you buy potatoes, you will likely see that they come in different sized bags, going by weight. 5 kilograms will last me for a few days.

4. Distance to the local Buc-ee's

You picked a store that specializes in EV charging? Who are you trying to convert here, anyway? :)

5. Beer sizes...
American units: A 6-pack.
Metric units: 2130 milliliters.
So dumb. "Hey fellas, I'll pick up 2130 milliliters at the liquor store on the way over. Let's party!" Awful.

Yep, you can also get Leffe or Warsteiner in six packs. Of course, 500 ml cans are popular in Europe, but you can stick with your American standard size of 355 ml if you like.

6. Fuel capacity of your big pickup truck:
American units: 350 gallons
Metric units: 56.4 Liters or something?
Gaaaaaay! Also, the truck is probably illegal and you just take the Communist train to work or "walk" to "help the environment" laaaame.

Hmm, maybe RAM is using cheating math or something, but looking up their fuel tank sizes, shown both in US gallons or liters, none of them have any decimal places. Maybe it isn't that hard after all?

7. Fahrenheit 451.

American units: Fahrenheit 451. Clean. Precise. Accurate.
Metric units: Willyknickers 26748.46299. Is this a hot temperature? A cold one? Who knows?

Yeah, but Fahrenheit sounds so foreign, doesn't it? And that book was written in the stone age when people didn't know better. I looked up Willyknicker and got somebody's facebook page, so who know what that's all about.

8. Distance from the home plate to the pitcher's mound.

American units: 60 feet, 6 inches. As God designed it to be.
Metric units: Does not even have baseball. Only has soccer. And you know what? In soccer, they don't even say "zero" right. They say "nil." And they call it "football", so you even have to convert the name of the sport. Because of the metric system. Because of wokeness.

Wow, don't tell London that, they had over 110,000 fans turn out last year for the Major League Baseball's second London Series. Just don't try to explain to them why it had to be 60 1/2 feet instead of an even 60.

9. Measurement of how obnoxious someone is

I got nuttin' for that one. :)

10. Flock Of Geese

American units: 1 flock.
Metric units: 23.8 Knickywacker Honkyfarthings.

It's actually about the same thing, but over in England it would be 1 flock of swans.

OK, we rest our case. If you think the metric system is useful for anyone other than math nerds and dorky scientists pouring chemicals into beakers, then you're probably a Communist. What's your favorite American unit of measurements? Let us know in the comments.

In reality, of the 193 countries recognized by the U.N., only five are communist. And of the rest, 185 use the metric system. It's actually pretty easy when you try. :)
"Just don't try to explain to them why it had to be 60 1/2 feet instead of an even 60"

I had heard at one time it's
due to most pitchers' feet
held sideways in (front)
of, but touching the bar at
the top of the pitchers'
Usually during a game,
there's quite a hole created
in front of the bar, making
placing one's foot on top
a disadvantage for throwing
leverage using steel kleats
and a hard rubber
compuund for the bar.
Not quite 30 years ago the company I worked for sent me to Brazil, twice. I asked them what measurements they used. They said both. I had to ask about the electric in the hotel room. There were sockets for both 110 volts 60 cycles and 220/50. I had to make sure before I plugged in my razor. At the factory I don't remember if they used 220 or 440 3 phase or whether it was 50 or 60 cycles. Then there was the bidet!
@Photon440 It probably had something to do with Cobras, GT40s and the FIA too.

When I met my wife my father-in-law had a '65 Galaxie 500 XL 352, C6 which I saw my mother-in-law using all it's available horsepower coming off a light!
If it was like the 352’s that I knew in those years, wouldn’t scare you.
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