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1966 Satellite Back-up light harness question


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Jan 2, 2011
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new jersey
My 66 has a 70's style trans with the 3 pin neutral safety switch.
Bucket seat console car if that matters.
Can I get power for the back up lights at the bulkhead like in say a 1969 car?? If so I can buy the early 1968 style reproduction harness and plug the two bare leads into the bulkhead and life goes on.
I hate not having the backup lights right now.
Thanks Ron

1966 backup switch mounts on the console shifter.
Circled in red
It doesn’t run through the bulkhead connector.

R413 you are a wealth of information!!!
I had a feeling it was like that so I'll have to tap off there and run to two empty spots on the bulkhead to still do what I had intended with that harness I posted above.
All good I had to take the console out to either file the second gear de tent or change the de tent for the reverse manual valve body anyway.

Thank you again
Ron Sannino
I got to thinking, am I over-thinking this?? If I leave the 1 brown wire going down to the trans for the neutral safety with the 3 wire connector on it like the previous owner did than I just need to check fuses and connections to see why the back-up lights don't work since they are activated by the switch at the console no?? And that switch could also be the culprit I would assume. Previous owner wired the brown wire to the center of the three wire connector leaving the other two open and the switch is doing it's job by only allowing the car to start in park/neutral.

Ha ha so if R413 agrees I need to get the test light out!!!

Ha ha so if R413 agrees I need to get the test light out!!!

I like to do my reverse lights like I do my brake lights....separate switch :D If I need them, I use them lol
Make sure you have a good ground from the backup light housing back to the body.
Since they are in the trunk lid you have a hinge in between. You can test with any good copper wire back to a clean bolt.
If the light comes on you need a better ground.
You're going to love this!!! Never happens to me!!! Things are always hard right!!!!!

Well not this time, BOTH bulbs were burned out!!!
I mean I took out my license to make sure I was still me HA HA