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1969 Dodge Super Bee Coupe Restoration

Corbin hose clamps? I used Corbin's when I first got the Coronet back on the street and it would weep from the top radiator hose. I figured nothing else is stock on the car so I swapped in the band type clamps.
Nope, it doesn't overheat.. runs right on the thermostat. Just a shitty OE style hose clamp and a weeping hose on the rear pump fitting. The Bee has never stranded me and I've been driving it personally since 1978.
My present 66 Belvedere (all original) only stranded me once when the wiring harness chaffed and found ground on the valve cover and blew out the fusible link before any major damage happened but didn't take much to fix that....but one time shortly after I got it, my wife decided to drive it on a very cold freezing day here (unusually cold for here) and couldn't open the driver's door and slipped on some ice in her mom's driveway and falling on her butt :) and then tried to blame me for it. Well....dayam. Ya could have drove the RamCharger instead! There was a reason I didn't drive it to work that day LOL
@beebest why the Big Red X ?????????
Whar RED X??
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All ready for a Mopar Christmas Eve gift exchange with the kids. Bird is the 6+ feet social distance barrier. Wife and I sitting under the Dart, kids on the other side of the Bird and/or the Bee at their discretion.
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Definitely didn't mean to give a big ole red X. I love this thread, refer to it all the time. guessing I hit it accidently while scrolling on my tablet. If I can undo it I will. so sorry!!!
Noticeable hair difference between now and the 80s .....wonder what happened wayne???:lol:
Noticeable hair difference between now and the 80s .....wonder what happened wayne???:lol:
My hair still looks the same as it did in the 80s,except for the grey streaks! I need some of that just for men stuff to pull of the 80s look! The Dart fits right in Wayne!
One of the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine is hair loss! Me I still go with the Fro!
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As noted elsewhere I've been searching for the cause of a hot right hub assembly (150F vs 90F on the left). Three times I've put it on the hoist hot and the wheel spins as free as a bird with zero drag noted from brake shoes. Driving it yesterday I found panic stops would brake absolutely straight, yet putt'n around the town the right front would grab and pull the wheel. Tore into her again today, with some good suggestions to re-grease all the shoe contact points and @mobileparts had pointed out yesterday in a picture that I put up that I had the wrong springs across my manual adjuster star wheel. I knew that, as it was what I had in a hardware kit and I didn't want to use my old OE's on assembly at the time. Well it looks like that cockeyed spring may have been tipping the shoe as the wheel cylinder pushed it out, as there is a galling mark in one spot on the inner side of the shoe surface. Why you never throw anything out! Into the box of removed brake shoes and hardware. Cleaned everything up, lubed, reinstalled all the shoe hardware using the correct OE bottom spring, reinstalled the drum (cleaned, as were the shoe surfaces) and retorqued the bearings (all clean and free) to 90in-lb and backed off a notch on the retainer. Test drive tomorrow about 20 miles each way to go fix #3 childs pool.

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So are the blue Springs technically incorrect? I’m putting mine together for the first time and I have these blue springs that are similar to the one on yours. Are the original style springs available?

They are technically wrong if you have manual adjusting front brakes. That said, they worked just fine the way I had them installed, I was just covering all my bases to solve my heat issue. It wasn't the springs as it didn't follow to the other side. I know the overheating drum was the largest diameter, so possibly the shoes didn't like it. All has been fine since the hub/drum swap.
Figured I had the Bee out again and she's up in the air, so I'd show some shots of how things are staying clean and rust free, despite 3000+ miles since we hit the gravel roads again with her.... and I'll note that the underside from the engine back has not been wiped down in that time frame...other than my coolant leak dots up near the nose.
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