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1971 Dash Pad Paint M6Y3


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Dec 10, 2011
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Is there a manufacturer for the correct color of a 1971 Road Runner dash pad with interior color code M6Y3?
Herb's parts doesn't have it. OER/Classic Industries doesn't have it either.
Here is an exemplary picture:

1971 RR GY4 M2Y3.jpg
Pic file name says "Y4".

Sorry- didn't read all of it.
Pic file name says "Y4".

Sorry- didn't read all of it.
GY4 is the door frame paint color.
Y3 is the code for the interior (seats, bench, door panels, dash pat etc.)
Y3 medium gold
The dash frame and the dash pad are darker than seats and door panels.
Yeah, I didn't read the entire title before I posted.

However, I'll warn you that Herb's was not a good adventure for me.
I struck out twice at a fairly high cost.
Neither the 67 dark blue or the 73 green were close.
IDK what 73 green they have (it's the only one they list) but it's NOT the most common of all Mopar greens, especially in 1973- F6.

You could possibly get a paint shop to match it, then use a flex agent and an adhesion promoter.

I used aerosol can "Italian Olive" on my cassette recorder pod after a thorough cleaning and adhesion promoter.
It's still holding up well after several years (and fingerings from operating the stereo) and it was a much better match than what I got from herb's.

In the posted photo I see several different shades-

Steering wheel, dash and recorder pod
Door panels
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