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2017 Ram 2500 rear calipers should these be replaced?


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FBBO Gold Member
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4:18 AM
Oct 14, 2010
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Went over my truck for inspection… I just had put rear pads on my truck and noticed the lower piston on each caliper has a rusted area of the coating.. I cleaned slider areas, put new sliders in and replaced pads. Just caught them as the indicators hit! Anyway here is what I am talking about. Exact same area on both sides…They don’t squeak or squeal. Calipers compress smoothly. Can you buy just pistons? Thanks in advance…


Agree, that part is of no concern as far as sealing.
**** those are mint if you looked at one from NYS. The whole thing would be bright orange and still functioning haha!
Thanks guys. I was worried guess about them wearing the pad crooked or hanging up a little cause it’s not flat there.. I like the filing idea but then again pistons appear to be cheap…
@dadsbee Thats unbelievable!!! It will take a few more years for them to look like that! Although they brined the roads twice here this past winter with NO MEASURABLE snow fall.