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4 Post Lift Restoration Question

67 GTX

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Jan 17, 2011
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New York
Hello All,

I've read through the numerous threads on here about 4 post vs 2 post lifts, and from them I have gotten some ideas.
I understand the pluses and minuses for both types of lifts.
But one question I couldn't find the answer to was as follows:

How good does a 4 post lift work for restoration work? I understand they can have the sliding jacks to pick the car up from the suspension.
But does the physical structure of a 4 post lift allow one to do front end work, and even drop the k frame?

Basically, has anyone installed the k frame/engine/front suspension as a unit like the factory did it while using a 4 post lift?
The ramps with a four post would make it very difficult. I would do a K Frame on 2 post.
It's possible to drop the K frame using an engine hoist (maybe not all models) to lift the car off of it.
Depends on what type of repairs you want to do. I work on many different types of vehicles so if I had to pick one it would be a 2 post.

My own personal preference is a 2 post for actually working on the vehicle and 4 post more for light maintenance and vehicle storage.
Of course, question #1 is - can your floor support a 2 post?

4 post has MUCH less loading of the concrete. Most "standard" pads can support one.

2 post- not so much.
You cannot drop a K frame assembly out, engine and all, on a 4 post. Just a K frame, sure.
You cannot drop a K frame assembly out, engine and all, on a 4 post. Just a K frame, sure.

Why exactly is that? If the K frame can come down, why couldn't the engine come with it?

I'm assuming the space between the ramps clears the k-frame for this to work? And the k frame is left on a toolbox while the car is raised up away.
No the ramps are not wide enough to drop a front end assembly out c/w engine, why I stated what I did. While you could indeed drop a complete front suspension and K frame out... and slide it along the ramps and then out, you cannot drop it straight down between the ramps.