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426 Wedge in a 66 Coronet?

Yes, I agree, the factory noted the wedge on the BUILD sheet so there was a 426 set down into it. This was easily done because of no emmissions or strangling safety regs for them to have to get permission from some federal authority to install these engines. Just put the engine in the car and send it out the door!
I read all 22 pages and love when something new pops up in the hobby! Also like seeing young people involved with Mopar's.

My thoughts (I acknowledge no one ask for them :)):

I am in the camp that the car is real and batch special ordered by Mr. Norm. The broadcast sheet special order code and "Street Wedge" does it for me.

I highly doubt the engines were installed at the dealership. It would have been cost prohibitive. I would guess by the time a complete drivable car was purchased, a new engine bought and installed, the 50 cars with the 426 street wedge would have cost as much, probably more, than a street Hemi. It is my opinion the street wedge was installed at the factory. It would also explain Galen's statement that 50 were made. It aligns with another well know special order, the 68 Bengal Charger. It stands to reason it would take a certain number of special orders to make it a worth while endeavor for the factory.

Have you tried researching newspapers from that time frame? Assuming they were batch special orders, my strong feeling is Mr. Norm would have aggressively advertised them and the most popular media back then was newspapers. He was a master at marketing and the best way to move them would have been newspaper advertising. If you find advertisements, they will go a long way in verify the history.

Awesome find, great car, good luck!
We had never even thought to look for old newspapers. Thank you for the idea!
So I figured the thread would be interested to see this old page out of a car craft magazine I got this morning on the left side of the page

What year/month is that ad from?

I'd love to see it in higher resolution.
What year/month is that ad from?

I'd love to see it in higher resolution.
Ads like that came from back in the day......but I guess anything can be spoofed these days but man, sure looks like the ones I saw back then.
Should be relatively easy to find a copy if the year and month of the issue are known.

They circulated thousands and thousands and a fair number of folks kept them.

Eventually, that month will turn up.

It may be a while though, I've been looking for a certain month/year "Gallery" since 1992 because it has a friend's mom in it.
I finally found it on ebay 2 months ago!

...and I agree about today's "deep fake" tech.
That's a hell of a piece of evidence.
At least nine copies on ebay right now for average price of under $15 shipping included.
The ad looks like it says 426 Street Ram but it's not clear enough to say for sure.
That's what I thought it said.

Kind of odd wording.
That's what I thought it said.

Kind of odd wording.
The street ram was the name these cars went under

We’ve already ordered a copy to keep with the car it’s a September of 66 issue of Car Craft
Norms was calling them street rams in 65 as well.
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