62-63 B-Body Restoration Mufflers

Restoration Parts and Materials

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    5:26 PM
    We have recently purchased the discontinued reproduction restoration mufflers for the 62 through 63 and possibly 64 year model B-Bodies with a single exhaust. These mufflers were also used on the Chryslers and Imperials from that time frame as well.

    The mufflers are duplicates of the factory mufflers and feature the Pentastar logo, part number and date code of 10-61.

    There is a very limited number of these available and once they are gone, that will be it. Pricing is $90.00 per muffler plus the shipping. If your interested in one of the mufflers or need more information, just drop me a message and I will attempt to get an answer for you.

    62_63 Muffler A.jpg 62_63 Muffler.jpg
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