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63 fury bm deep trans pan

  • car is on jack stands on the frame,car has the conversion trans mount form joe suchy,all correct trans crossmember,have not looked at it on the ground yet,didnt think it would make a difference if it was down or not but I dontknow
In your pictures, are the jack stands in the rear on the frame or the axle housing?
It's not the pan (though the engine trans do lay down about 1 degree to the rear). Its an optical illusion. It's the headers pointing down. Compare to the frame rail. And yes up to 65 have a rear pump. Thus a 2nd hole in the filter for the rear pump feed.
not an illusion,put the car on the ground with the headers all tight same thing
What does the engine angle measure?
Maybe you can post a few more pics of the car on the ground, and the engine & transmission mounts ? What rear springs and shackles are you using ?
OP has two threads going here on this issue...


Is your left header bolted up in this picture? What brand headers are they?
Here's a few pics of my '63 mount, original from a Dodge 330, not sure if they'll help...