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    I am selling an instrument gauge cluster for a 1964 Dodge Polara, 440 or 330.
    This was removed from a wrecked car and stored inside decades ago and has not been rained in or exposed to the sun.
    The speedometer works fine when spun with a drill but I have not live tested any of the other gauges but I see no obvious damage to any of them.
    The circuit board is very nice with perfect pins and no damage.
    I will make sure this is very well packaged so it will not get damaged in transit.
    The price is 95 INCLUDING SHIPPING in the USA.
    I accept paypal and credit cards over the phone

    IMG_5890.JPG IMG_5891.JPG IMG_5893.JPG IMG_5894.JPG IMG_5895.JPG IMG_5896.JPG
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