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66 Coronet "day 2" type while/tire mod

Pretty much a custom job to get them to fit then. Thanks!
For what it's worth (not much) I have a 62 Plymouth. I've got a bigger wheel house than a 66/67, but I have centerline autodrags, 15x8 1/2 with 4 7/8 bs , with 10.5 slicks that barely fit. They need a .300 spacer to work, so basically a 4.5+bs.
I also have tt2 16x8 with a 4 3/4 bs and a 10" slick that fits fine. The extra 1/2 wheel width and tire width makes a big difference. The tt2s are vn515, I think they are also available in gray, and 15" with the same bs.
I think a 15x8 steelie with 4 1/2 bs would work for you Darrel, but I bet 4 3/4 would be better. If it's too close to the spring, you can always use a quality billet spacer (NOT that cast multi pattern crap).
Too close to the spring is better than too close to the fender.
A 15x7 is always the safer, easier alternative.
The only custom mod would be changing the backspacing.

Yeah, something we can't really do at home, so a pretty significant one and the key to getting tires to fit. At least it's an option when we can't get the aluminum rims we want from a catalog or the used parts supply chain.
On a '66 B-Body the ideal backspace for an eight inch wheel would be 5 inches, unfortunately only high-dollar or custom MFg's offer it.
Unless you get some custom steel wheels made with my wheel centers that accept the correct 10 inch dog dish caps.

That Basset wheel is a great price, and will probably fit great. And if it's too close to the spring you can use a spacer.
If you like the style, go for it. Available in black, silver, and chrome I believe, but be aware, that is a STEEL wheel.
I was looking at those in 15x14, can't beat the price compared to an aluminum wheel that size..... but I just couldn't deal with the weight for a drag car.
Certainly says steel right there on the website, even looks the part, too. I can't go faster than 12.0 in the 1/4 mile, 7.50 in the quarter, during the heat of summer usually not a problem but when it cools off it can get close. My drag car deals with the weight fine, but I can see where it could matter with other cars. I'll probably wind up going aluminum up front, this past year I went from 14" steel to 15" steel wheels there to get a taller tire and the weight difference between those sizes was greater than I expected. My car can barely lift the tires, I expect less mass there would be more important than at the slicks. Only the track will tell.
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