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68 RM23 Roadrunner, The rebuild of an old friend

I don’t know, I have never run them. My son runs them on his Duster and likes them. My engine designer recommended them but he’s an old racer.
I like the idea of them because if this motor generates the 650-700 HP we’re expecting, they should help keep it chained to the ground even on the street plus I think the split mono leafs look clean as hell.
I might add that that the CalTracs on my car are Calvert's low profile version. They tuck up a little tighter to the car than the adjustable race version. A little more discrete.
My aging engine designer racing buddy says "If people notice them they'll know you're packing" :lol:
Sitting around waiting for parts. A vendor or two are starting to piss me off with the delays. It's the new reality I suppose.
Making hay where I can. The back glass is about ready to go back in. Original piece to this car. 12 passes with cerium oxide on both sides at this point. About 20 hours of labor. Getting close.
There are a few deeper scratches that will never come out, still....better than repop for fit and finish. Note the groves along the edges left by the stainless trim over the years.

The brake fairy showed up today, finally. At least for the rears.
Baer stuff is top notch in my opinion. Customer service pretty good. They nailed the U1 blue powder color on the calipers. Thanks for helping me figure that out Cudachick. I have ordered several other chips from Prismatic and the "Blue Skys" color we chose for the valve covers is as close as it gets to U1 Blue.
Looking forward to Saturday to pop them in.

That looks great!

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Keep posting up your progress! You're an inspiration.
It's been a bit. Plugging along here. Not sure if I'll hit my August deadline for drive ability but I'll keep working. August will be the 45th anniversary of me owning this car and its 55th anniversary since it was built. Good goal to push for but I'm not rushing.

The rear end and brakes have been all buttoned up, gravity bled, no leaks so far. Had to fabricate a few parts to get the Baers settled in but all good now. The e-brake cables struggled a bit.
Rear glass in over the weekend. Stressful as hell. A few deep scratches remain but better than repop by far. The SS trim is not laying down to my satisfaction in one spot but I’ll have to live with it.

The new ATM carb coming in this week. Dyno day in early June.


The new Tanks Inc. unit in. Debated long between them and the Aeromotive Unit but ended up with Tanks Inc. for a variety of reasons.
Dyno day last week. Prep pics below. I made the plug wires extra long to adapt to their break in headers. They will be trimmed back for the TTIs. All went relatively well. We didn't blow it up.
The biggest downer is the Fast Fish rear main seal failed in epic fashion. Maybe my fault on installation. Going with a stock FelPro instead. Wish I knew how to post videos of the dyno pulls like we used to be able to.

What kind of dyno #'s did you get?
Peak 616 hp @ 4,800 rpm, 693 lbs of torque at 4,400 rpm.
The crazy stat is ~600 lbs of torque at 2400 rpm.
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Very nice, that will surely give you some get up and go. Just love that car - the whole package.
Very nice, that will surely give you some get up and go. Just love that car - the whole package.
Thanks Elk. I’m amazed at how fast the power comes on. The Dyno headers were 1-3/4. Going with 1-7/8. Starting a fund for rear tires. Should be a hoot to drive. The owner of the Dyno shop asked me what diff was going behind this and I told him a Strange 60. He said “Good, you’re going to need it.”
It's been a bit, pushing hard to keep things moving along.
Got the K-Member cart built thanks to Beekeepers design and advice.
The QuickTime scattershield is at the machinists getting the ball stud fitted. As near as I can tell it's the only flaw in their design. I have informed them about it. They may improve it down the road so another poor bastard doesn't have to deal with it.
In their defense runout - out of the box was .004". Fidanza aluminum flywheel and McLeod street twin clutch on and lined up. The new rebuilt A-833 should be here within the next few weeks. The old shifter was in great shape. Tore it down and freshened it up.
The TTIs showed up today. A month ahead of schedule. Lots to do yet.


Beautiful. You are building an amazing machine. I have a 600hp/570tq small block Ford in my Torino. Its a stick car. Funnest car I own. Will destroy drag radials at highway speeds.
Mocked up the headers today while waiting on the QickTime. TTIs have always fit like a glove and these are no exception. Will start grooming the plug wires back. Need to raise the wire looms about a quarter of an inch to clear the headers. No biggie and was expected. Need to fabricate a piece to secure the Milodon dipstick as well, again, no biggie.

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Time for an update.
I'm pretty much in a holding pattern here waiting on the 18 spline 833 from Passon. Brewers was way too far out and Jamie is working to get me one soon.
Not much else I can do until the tranny gets here. Once it does we'll slam the mess below in, finish the wiring, pop the dash in, finish more wiring then on to the front end which should go quickly. Knock on wood.
**** follows. Stay tuned.

Is the QuickTime bellhousing a direct replacement for a factory 11"?
Not sure what you mean by direct replacement Elk. Everything bolted up just fine.
Here's the part, "up to 11" QuickTime RM-6073 QuickTime Bellhousings | Summit Racing

Wow, I just noticed that the price went up by $150 since I bought mine maybe 6 months ago. Crazy **** these days.
Have you indicated the bore yet? If not you should...

I just posted this in another thread but it belongs here too...

Did you get the standard bell housing? Or the Quick Time bell?
Local guy bought the Q/T bell & it wound up being over .060 out of alignment... I machined custom offset dowels to get if in the ballpark... Then the bolt holes needed to be opened up... He scrapped the Q/T & bought a regular bell, it was within .006 out of the box..
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