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`70 road runner, FC7, 383, 727 It`s waited long enough, finally time to get it done.

"Spot weld drilling hell" continues, slow progress. Quarters and extensions showed up so I need to keep at it.


Trunk floor is out! Just need to clean up the rails and I can start fitting the new one.

Comparing the AMD panel to some originals I found four obvious differences with the strengthening ribs. A little time with a propane torch, hammer and dolly and a body file fixed it.

Nice car....brings back some great memories for me also....with my now ex FC7 '70 GTX.


And at one stage early on, this was on a rotisserie, with a beautiful coat of high-build lavender/pink primer. :lol:
Drilled all the holes in the trunk pan and even remembered to sand and scuff it BEFORE I weld it in which is much easier.


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Finally back at it, holidays then china virus then snow storms with no power. Pretty happy with fit so welding has begun.

Also had kid's cub scout Pinewood derby and we had a separate adult race so we needed to build two cars. Kid's was a zombie apocalypse car and mine was of course a road runner.

Some more progress, trunk floor is 90% welded and ground so started fitting extensions and quarters. They will need some tweaking in a few areas but not too bad overall.

I have both trunk extensions welded on and drivers side lower rear window corner repaired.


I am finally happy with overall drivers quarter panel fit. I ended up hammering the front edge back about 1/8" so I have a decent door gap. I now have to fit the passenger quarter but it should go a lot quicker now that I know where to "massage" it.


Nice work. i have to do my left outer with the qtr on. Like the partial idea way better. Won't get to it till I get the trunk floor, drops and tail light panel in and welded in place. lots of work but hope it comes out as nice as yours.
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