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'70 RR wiper motor and arm install - 3 speed


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Aug 10, 2020
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Dallas, TX
Installing the wiper assembly after years of being in boxes. Can someone post the correct positioning of the pivot arms and motor crank when in the park position? My motor was rebuilt by Jerry Schmidt years ago. How do you know when the motor is at the park position? I assume he put it at the park position when rebuilt, not sure.

How do you connect test leads to the motor harness to test the operation off the car? (4) wires on the harness, brn - grn - red -blu.

Do a bench test per the FSM and stop it in the "park" position. The rest of the linkage is non-adjustable so just bolt it in.
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Thanks for the replies. I was looking at a digital FSM and somehow passed the motor testing part. I pulled out my real book and found the section for testing. Easy enough. Not any great pics of the arm set up so thanks to dadsbee. I have connected correctly. This is one of those things you don't want to install then install the dash and have it be wrong after all.
Thanks. Yes the motor is on the car with the brass ground strap. But no other wiring is on the car. Hoping someone can double check the test hookups. Seems pretty clear but I also don't want to screw up this newly rebuilt motor!
Continuous run:
- Jumper from green to 12V ground AND to brass motor ground strap
- Jumper to brown and red and the to 12V positive
Park position:
- Jumper from green to brown
- Jumper from red to 12V ground AND brass motor ground strap
- jumper from blue to 12V positive

Thanks in advance. Making slow progress, but just want to do it right the first time.

wiper motor 3 speed.jpg
On a sort of unrelated question with Dads bee picture - what is the circled yellow threaded hole for? (see attached). I saw another pic on this site and had a support bar attached here and heading toward the left kick panel area. Can't find the pic now of course. I didn't have that bar when I disassembled my car. Maybe some option I don't have?

unknown threaded hole.jpg
Thanks and that is what I was talking about exactly. I think you are correct about it being only for standard dash, not Rallye. That link also shows the proper wiper arm crank orientation as does dadsbee's last pic. That is what mine was looking like and seemed really far to one side. In fact, one of the arms was getting very close to hitting the steering column support brace. So maybe my motor is already in park and this is the furthest position it would go. I think I will still give the motor test a try. If anybody has any comment on that or has tried, feedback would be appreciated.

To finish this up, I tested the wiper motor on the car but without the body wire harness installed. Using test leads and remote 12V power supply, I wired for the two tests above in #6. Worked perfectly. I did the continuous test first and then the park position test. Turns out the motor was at park, but now I know. And the wiper arm positions are as the replies showed. All is good.