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71 Hemi choke cable on EBay, where to route it thru firewall


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10:29 PM
Jun 10, 2013
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Signal Hill
They do sell the cable on EBay. The one with the red pull handle.
Also, take a look at Utube. They have two videos showing 2 1969 Hemi Roadrunners, that
Have the same manual choke cable with the red pull handle mounted under and to the left of the ashtray.
Regardless if it is a owner modification, regardless if it originally came with an electric or some other kind of choke, they have a manual choke on them.
My question is, since the cable is available, and I like to use a manual hand choke:
Suggestions for where to route the choke cable thru the fire wall. Photos would be helpful.
Example could be:
The 71 B Body that the cable is reproduced for.
My use is going to be on a 1969 Satellite with air conditioner. It does not mater what engine or carb or manifold or what it originally had or has,
I’m just trying to get others experience of where the cable is routed through the firewall,even if I have to drill a hole for it.
Many thanks!
The 1969 cable you saw is for the air grabber hood. 1971 was the only year for the manual choke cable.

all 1966-1970 street hemi cars had automatic chokes from the factory.

if you want that choke cable I’d say put it straight behind the right side of the carburetor.
Thank you. Yes, the air grabber hood lever makes sense.
My air conditioner under the dash will reduce my choices for routing the choke cable.
I wonder where the factory fire wall hole would be
for the 1971.
I’m glad they have the reproduction choke cables on eBay. If it’s too short I can use a universal choke cable with just the “C” on it.
Thanks again