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8 3/4 question

i don't buy it. There is no way Chrysler built a wider housing for 1964 only. Look at the numbers. 62-65 cars are physically the same. It shows a 64 housing 2 3/8" wider than a 63. Thats BS. And then they narrowed it in 65. No way. Look at most charts. They are specing the track widths the same from 62-70. How did they accomplish that without having numerous different axle offsets, different backing plates? Nope.
'track widths' might be the same but axle housing widths are not the same......the difference isn't much but it's different. 68-70 is pretty much the same but I know the 67-66 is a bit different. Not much but might be enough to make a difference to matter with some wheels......