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A very special '71 Roadrunner...

Welcome from Weeki Wachee Florida. Beautiful car. I always wanted a 71. Praying for your recovery.
Keep on keeping on :thumbsup:

Nice car, I had a 71 too. I shoulda kept it. I have cancer too. I did radiation and still doing chemo and I’m still here. Stay strong.
Welcome to the site.
If you ever need to travel, avoid small aircraft.
Great car, Ritchie! Keep up the good fight! You too, Dfr360cuda!
Beautiful color combo. Airgrabber and pistol grip are two of the coolest things every put in a car!
Stay strong man. Sounds like you have a pretty cool and supportive wife.
Thanks QuebeckRollin... I really do have a very supportive wifey. It helps that she loves to drive the car too!! Nothing better than a wife that knows how to drive a 4-speed! Hahah
Welcome from the central coast. With help from The Lord, you'll put the smack down on cancer. By the pictures, looks like you are in La Mesa.
We are right next to La Mesa! In the San Carlos neighborhood of SD. You from these parts?
Nice car, I had a 71 too. I shoulda kept it. I have cancer too. I did radiation and still doing chemo and I’m still here. Stay strong.
Thank you brother. I wish only the best for you my friend. We just have to keep on going, day by day, hour by hour...
SD county native, north county, from 58-80. Moved up here in late 80, left in 96 to go back down there. 22 years in Ramona then back up here to stay in 18. Pretty familiar with your area.
Welcome from OH. Beautiful RR! Man, she is purdy! Good luck with your fight.
Hey everyone!! My name is Ritchie and I actually joined a year ago but I had been diagnosed with cancer shortly before becoming a member and then the chemo side-lined me. My dream had always been to own a classic MOPAR. And after my cancer diagnosis, my wife said screw it, go out and find your dream car.

I got pretty lucky and I found a very clean and beautiful '71 Roadrunner (pics below). She has a 383 4-Bbl, 4-speed with Hurts pistol grip, has the Air-Grabber hood, color is In-Violet with white vinyl top and white seats. Nothing rare or fancy, but it is perfect for me! It was ready to be driven and I DRIVE IT guilt free!!!

Let me tell ya, these are not just cars. We all have the special childhood memories that led us to love these cars. My wife, family and friends have been been there for me during my battle. But somedays, when I was really feeling sick and down, I would go into my garage and just sit in my Roadrunner. The smell of the old vinyl bucket seats, oil and gas took me back to better days. The feeling of the steering wheel and the pistol grip around my fingers was better than any medicine. It put a big smile on my face and although I couldn't drive it then, it gave me motivation to fight for the day I would take her out for a long drive.

I continue my fight... but I'm able to drive my car these days. I've even started working on little projects I've had plan for over a year. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to getting the help from all of the experience and knowledge you all have. I'm happy to meet all of you and I look forward to seeing all the pictures of everyones cars!!


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Welcome from MI! Keep fighting my friend- car is beautiful- one thing, your in SD, so you can drive most any day. Good for you!