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A12 pics

They need to start making caffeinated milk.
That would require caffeinated cows...
My friends car at the track puttin in work

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MAN! So much about that picture is FINE, but what stands out to me? Well, of course the squat and :lowdown:wheelie, but the BEAUTIFUL "coke bottle" shape, not only front to back (top view) but the rear quarters too!
@68postcar ....
What kind of times/mph does it run?
I am the third owner. Second owner had it 40 years and its primary use was street racing.


Oh yes. The 1 of 1 Mod Top A12 Superbee. That one is a true beauty. Love that one. Owner said he did the resto 3 years ago. Thanks for posting.

Started the resto 3 years ago.

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No but a friends.

I’m bringing up an old post, but it looks like the ol mod top A12 SuperBee is gonna be for sale. This popped up on my youtube.

When he was talking about the $109 thereabouts cost of the ModTop new, I was thinking that has added $100k to the selling price, NOT "only" the top itself of course, but because THAT top was chosen on what I see as a "bargain" price point, racing or "racing minded" car package.
That "theme" alone makes that top an odd choice.
I don’t think the mod top more than doubles the value, but we will know in a few days.
As a side note, my wife and I and our pets took a vacation to Kissimmee specifically to go to the Mecum Auction. It was really fun, like going to the biggest, most diverse car show ever, but every car is for sale. There was food, adult beverages, and entertainment, and not that expensive.
I don’t think the mod top more than doubles the value, but we will know in a few days.
I was drawing a ready-made multiple of the $100 that the ModTop option approximately cost to what it may add to the value of an also otherwise really nice A-12.
It's not so much "just" the top itself, but it did make that car the oft coveted "One of One"...
Now I have no strong feelings about the ModTop, and I think it works well with that green body paint color and would with other body colors as well. I'm saying that because some "One of One" cars are that way because the appearance of the options that make it "unique" make it uniquely HORRIBLE looking. One example that comes to mind (apologies for anyone who likes this) is a Black convertible Hemi Cuda with a blue interior...I have seen it in person, I like both colors a lot, I have no problem with either being an interior color OR exterior paint color, but black paint with blue interior?? YUK! but that and the drop top and the Hemi make that old Cuda another "One of One"
Was he not the obnoxious mouth piece that wanted a million dollars for it?
No, totally different dude and car. Those 2 guys could not be any more of exact opposites...
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