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Bog at WOT


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Jul 5, 2012
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Thanks to all who have helped before with some issues your advise really helped.

Now on to the new, lets start with some history. 69 440 .030 over 284/484 cam. had Edelbrock 750 set so rich for racing you could not stand behind the car without buring your eyes out, but always ran great 1/4 miles at 13:90 and could do hard launches and burnouts.

now I dont race any more and had a family friend who has worked om mopars since 1964 re tune the car for more of a street/strip use. Have a new EDDY 750 electric choke, car ran great but would bog at 1/2 trottle, accelerator pump was .033 nozzels. Changed the accelerator pump squiters to the .043 and with a slight retune the car runs flawlessy in every condition even 3/4 throttle except at WOT it bogs out right after launch. this car can run in traffic, on the highway, in the gerogia heat in traffic with no problems at all except WOT. I did notice the other day that the accelerator pump linkage was in the middle position so i moved it to the hole closest to the carb for a "full" dump of fuel. do you guys think this will get rid of the bog without changing anything else. I do not want to loose all the driveablity but i do still want to run the 1/4 mile wiht my friends once a year and drive it home.

I have not got to test the car since i moved the linkage, its been raining and my "honey do list" is too long right now. just want to see if i am on the right track with people that may have been thru this before.
Forgot to say. I have a high volume mechanical fuel pump (similar to carter version) with 3/8 fuel line.
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