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Carburetor stumble update

Aron Gleason

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1:16 AM
Aug 5, 2020
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So I had a chance to take the car out today. Cruising along and stab the throttle it still stumbles like a blubber but once it catches up. It gets up and goes. But if I'm cruising and dont stab the throttle, but do it in a way that opens the throttle somewhat quick it doesn't stumble. I have 37 squirters in front and rear. Just wondering if I'm lean on the secondary main jets and if I need to go back up on the power valve jets?
Took the car out for a nice cruise. The stumble is almost gone when I stab the throttle at anywhere from 35mph on up. If I'm at around 15mph and under, it still has a huge stumble. Squirters are 37's, pump cams are white. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
It's always a trial and error with cam and squirter selection. Just moving from #1 to #2 hole on a cam will usually make a noticeable difference. I always play around with the cams first and then fine tune with the squirters.
950 double pump. 75 primary jets. 84 secondary jets. 37 squirters. White pump cams both in #1 hole. 30cc accelerator pumps.
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