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(Choose all that apply) What works good for you?

What days/times work good for you to be able to participate in the Monthly Mopar Giveaway contests?

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Mar 19, 2021
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Western NY
A wise man once taught me...
Nick, you can please some people some of the time, some people all of the time, but...
You can never please all people all of the time :rolleyes:

I'd like to give as many of you a chance to participate as possible, if you wish.

Help me out here fellas (and fellettes)...
If you'd like to participate in the monthly giveaways, please select what days/times provided work best for you. Choose all that apply to you.
Hoping to post this month's giveaway this week :)

Much appreciated,
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Any day and anytime works for me.

I reeettttttt to go!
Yup, once a month for the last few months we've been doing this. Been a lot of fun. The prize is typically a die-cast Mopar shipped to the winner. Join us on the next one if you can Kim!
Looks like we've had (8) of them so far. Have a look...

March 2024
March Mopar Giveaway 2024

February 2024
February Mopar Giveaway 2024

January 2024 we had (2) of them
January Mopar Giveaway 2024, Round 2

January Mopar Giveaway 2024

December 2023 we had (2) of them
December Mopar giveaway

December Mopar giveaway part 2 - CHRISTMAS EDITION!

November 2023
November Mopar giveaway

October 2023
October Mopar giveaway

September 2023, our very first one
The four letter F-word most folks appreciate...
I checked them all, I may not be on all those times
but 'what the hey'
I'm off & on usually from 11-ish am - 5-ish pm PST
I have a tile open when I'm doing other stuff,
so I check in often
weekends are a crapshoot, don't know if or when I'd be on

have fun
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