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Compressor mounting location

Dakar Timm

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9:50 PM
Nov 14, 2020
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Lake Mills Wisconsin
I'm currently using a vertical compressor that on the garage floor . It is piped into the garage attic , I have (2) 40 gallon receiver tanks .
Behind the garage ,perhaps 30' is our barn . This is where the Coronet is kept when not in use. I was thinking of mounting a newly acquired 150 gallon air tank in the back of the garage and mounted a yet to be bought compressor in the attic . My thinking is that the attic is hotter and dryer than the air in the garage or barn . The concrete seems to hold a lot of cold far into the summer . Eventually I'll run an airline out to the barn and use the space where the coronet is stored as a paint booth . Having the compressor in the attic means I can insulate the compressor for noise . Opinions ?
Just as long as the compressor in in a conditioned space. You don't want
your compressor starting when it's -20F in the winter.
Oh, and if the air receiver tanks are allowed to freeze, you'll never be able to drain the water.