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Convertible Top Rattles

Ron H

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Feb 29, 2016
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While looking for the hyd cylinder top yokes for my '63 Ply (WTB post is up), came across some anti-rattle clips listed for '63-70 mopars. Piqued my curiosity since I've hunted down rattling gremlins in the top before without much luck. Thought it could be the shocks or exhaust; but after some work there, no change. When I had the back seat and panels out, had my wife drive so I could crawl around to grab linkage and couldn't find what's rattling. Only makes noise when the top is up. Has anyone encountered this before finding da gremlins? Thanks
I’m not familiar with the 63’s but my 70 satellite has what some call anti rattle clips used on the windshield header where the top has a post that sits inside of it. The clip looks more like a cup and is made of plastic. I put a link to the clips I’m describing below.

Anti rattle clips

You might want to feel around underneath for anything loose such as exhaust, brake/fuel lines, and parking brake cables. I’ve also had a loose wheel center cap cause rattles that I thought were suspension related. Definitely check for loose stuff in the trunk.

My 1970 satellite convertible has always had some minor rattles which are most noticeable with the top up as the top traps sounds inside.