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do I have the wrong exhaust pipes on my runner.


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Jun 1, 2020
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Lake Wales Fl.
I recently noticed that the driver side down pipe is hitting my torsion bar. I measured the outside dimension of the pipe with a caliper and came up with 2 inch outside diameter. Everything I read is 2 1/4 inch or larger on a stock runner. With a 383 motor. The pipes are in good shape but if I replace these what diameter should I go with. Thinking of going with stainless steel pipes. All info would be appreciated. Not running headers using the HP exhaust manifolds. The rattle noise I here is from the pipe striking the torsion bar after running over a recap scrap of semi tire. Could not miss it was all the way across my lane. Duh.
If your engine is stock and you are running the cast iron exhaust manifolds you don't have much of a choice.
2-1/4" is stock. I don't know of anyone that squeezes a 2-1/2" pipe in there? 304 stainless is definitely the way
to go because you'll only buy it once, but you have to shop around. I have headers on my 68 GTX 440, so I went
with the Hooker Blackheart 304 stainless 2-1/2" system that starts at the collector and goes all the way back.
It was just under $1000.00 with free shipping from JEGS. I don't know what other sizes they have, but it was
cheap compared with everyone else. You could have someone fab both stainless down pipes? Good luck!
2 1/2" pipe fits fine. But, after your exhaust guy bends it then the end of the pipe needs to be cut a Bit shorter off before it's welded to the flange, or it's too long and hits the torsion bar. This will raise the bend above the bar. Some people pound a relief into the pipe there which will work but is a caveman fix.
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