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Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

picked up my 66 a year ago and was going to have it put on a trailer to get it home.( 6 hrs)
The dealer sales guy laughed at me and said get in and drive,this car will go across country if you want.

I took the back roads north of Toronto to Ontario east. It got dark and started to rain.
Vintage headlights and vintage eyesight + rain = ditch
got a hotel and waited for daylight !
Driving at night in the rain sucks around here. I don't like it as none of the roads are marked well enough to see the lanes at night so there are people taking their part of the lane out of yours. This happened multiple times last night after we spent the day at the State Fair in Bloomsburg. Of course in the rain too but we knew that yesterday was the only day we could make it due to our work schedule and other stuff scheduled. That said at night no rain is fine normally no traffic just some horse and buggy's. This time of year can be challenging as all the farmers are starting to harvest corn now, so deer are a problem..
What @QuickBpBp said. Rain at night really glares on a slick road with no markings. Especially with the newer vehicles with the bright halogen lights coming at you. I often think about a pair of sunglasses with one lens popped out. Just close one eye when it gets too bright. A good tip if you wear prescription glasses...get the anti glare treatment. It really makes a difference.

At night when it's clear is cool. Like @Cheapsunglasses said about the green dash lights. Takes me back to my younger years.
I think I used to like night driving better when i was younger. Seems to me 80's cars had the best "night glow" interior schemes, and an 80's car with a 90's CD deck stereo usually meant a lot of interesting pleasant lights. The first car i bought that wasn't a beater was a 2 year old '94 Cougar. Loaded to the gills, and then I put a really fancy Pioneer cd deck in that had these little animated pictures, one was a simple "stars going by" and the other was some swimming dolphins. All this lighter blue colored LCD screen, no LED's yet, just old school backlit LCD.

Like this one, but not those images.

My new Charger(ha, "new" it is ten years old) has the giant touch screen. And as nice as it is, it does not capture that magic. I's like having a TV screen blaring in your face instead.

I do agree with others from upper midwest, deer ruin most things. I can;t take a car out to mess around on country roads anymore late at night, eyes have to be glued to the ditches. I liked it better when they let hunters keep the herd in check and didn't try to treat it like a tourism resource in WI.
Have Cadillacs (cataracts) headlights are murder,and I'm not ready for surgery. Can drive at night but only if necessary.

I had both eyes done several years ago and they corrected my vision at the same time. I’m the biggest pussy when it comes to medical procedures and if I could go through it, anyone can. Driving at night is no problem.
I like driving at night, or used to. Now I’m usually struggling to stay awake past 10p at home watching tv. I try to avoid driving in rain, not because of me, but because of the other guy. People on the roads nowadays freak out at a little moisture on the road and when it rains hard, they just can’t handle it and create all kinds of problems.
Nope, not at all!!! My eyes are not as reliable as they once were, and I am usually ready for bed between 9:00 to 10:00, so no chance I will be out unless it is an emergency. Then maybe not. Y'all go do what you feel you want to but for me, nighttime is for sleeping and other things which y'all know in the first place...cr8crshr/Bill:usflag::usflag::usflag:
Not much nighttime driving unless necessary for me since having a stroke that affected my vision and balance. 6 years later it's just the moving shadows and bright lights that bother me. Every year it gets a little better, but I get a little older. Vicious cycle!
Most of my wildlife, livestock and drunk driver encounters have been between midnight and sunrise. I prefer sleeping during that time period so I don’t do much driving in the wee hours anymore.
Not with the super bright led headlights these days. Oncoming large suv's and big pickups are the worst. I feel like mounting a spotlight so i can blind them like they do everyone else.
The wife doesn't like driving in either the rain or at night so I'm always the one driving then.
Lucky for me, she isn't the nagging type. It is annoying to have a passenger wig out and scream at every instance where they feel uncomfortable.
I thought as I got older that night driving would be more difficult. Traditionally, that is the case for most people.
Most of my life I drove to work between 4:00 to 6:00 AM in the dark. I'm used to dealing with lights.
Nope, not at all!!! My eyes are not as reliable as they once were, and I am usually ready for bed between 9:00 to 10:00, so no chance I will be out unless it is an emergency.

Besides, nothing good happens after 10:00 pm.
Shoot, man....when I was single, NOTHING good happened before MIDNIGHT!
I adore driving at night, it's just magical in a Charger. A good mix of city/country roads is perfect. Dusk is tricky with all the roos on the road. This weekend I took the Charger to the Gentleman's drive. It was a 600km round trip and the last hour driving back home was in the dark and it was the best bit.

I don't like driving in the rain because that would mean having to wipe it down when I'm back home.
I enjoy the quiet and reduced traffic at night. Rain doesn't bother me. It's peaceful.
I love the smell of fresh rain after a long, dry spell.
Absolutely worthless. We used to ride the motorcycle at night, not anymore. Extreme caution in the cars. We try to get the classic cars home by dusk.
In the past couple months hit a deer and a flying turkey, during the day. Damages over 6 grand and loss of the vehicle for weeks. Yeah, got the car back from the shop after the deer hit and be damned hit the turkey after having it back about a week. Another 2 weeks to get it back.

That deer came flying out of the woods near the road at full stride right in front, no way to avoid it, dump truck in the oncoming lane. I did wonder how I’d a made out on a bike. Old HS friend had a nice biz he owned in town. Was on his Harley coming back from a bar around midnight hitting a deer. No idea if he might have survived that – he was laying in the road when a gal ran him over at 45 MPH not seeing him until she hit him. Blacktop rural road, black leathers, black jeans, boots. His bike went off the road into a ditch hidden by high grass..
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