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DodgeCharger.com down for upgrades?

There's a great Super Bee restoration thread there from start to finish... just to make the Charger folks think.. LOL
Jeez, I hope not.
If a person is dealing with those issues, PLEASE don't make a deal of it. I'd rather not know about it.
Now I can't even get to the home page....
"Forbidden" ??

No great loss, meh...

most of the 'good sane posters' there are on here, anyway

too bad it used to be decent, used to have some great info
not anymore

Chargergraveyard, should be the new name
Lousy total bias/clicky mods & owner
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I still get the same logo that I posted yesterday, but now it gives a link to the forum. Which in turn gives me:

It's been over a minute so far...
Maybe I'll join you Mike....there's already a bunch of people over there who don't like me.....so I should fit right in. :lol:
There are a few people that don't like me as well.
I don't care because they are clearly idiots.

1 laugh.jpg
It looks like a genuine, natural laugh.
For Coronets only is down also, now that's a sad day...........................