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Fin Comb

493 Mike

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FBBO Gold Member
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9:37 PM
Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas,
I just received the fin comb I ordered to straighten the boo boos in my A/C condenser and it is not working like I thought it would. The condenser fins are wavy so this tool wants to flatten them out and that's not right!
Has anyone here had any luck with these fin combs or did I just waste more money?
I just used a flat blade,it takes forever but it works.
For my house I use the guard from a pair of clippers. Works pretty good. If they’re really flattened it’s going to take some time

If your looking for that factory original look "yes".
Do not see where making something functional again is a waste of time.
I have a plastic multi tool from Robinaire that has the EXACT spacing for any condenser. However, you are correct, it takes a load of patience to master, and it will, like any, have a tendancy to straighten out the angles some. I have another that's just a bunch of long pins (ill try to find a pic). That tool can be effective too, but no perfection.... HTH, Lefty71
BTW, I meant to agree, that indeed a flat blade if dull can be very effective but slow, depending on just how the fins are bent or folded over.
I have the Robinair comb in Lefty's first link. Tried to use it the other day on my house condenser and ran into the same problem with wavy fins. I just left well enough alone. I don't thin there is any way to repair those without straightening them. I think your best bet is to use a pocket knife. You won't get it perfect, but will probably get it better than it is.
Anything beats a folded over flatened fin that no air flows threw no matter the cosmetic.