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Scored a little project


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Jul 19, 2008
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Well I managed to score something I've been on the lookout for... a bare 6.1L block. I already have a 6.1L Gen III in my 68 Charger but wanted to build something a bit more aggressive so I finally got a base....

6.1L block, non-VVT... plan is as follows... "426" Stroker kit with a hellcat top end. goal is to match the "Hellaphant" crate engine
Lofty goals, keep us posted on the build.
Will do - I figure theres still much obscurity with the Gen III stuff that this will help me with discovering a few little nuiances. ie - Holley makes a cast aluminum swap oil pan - well they list one for the non-VVT, VVT, and Hellcat... so what makes the Hellcat different than the VVT? I know the non-VVT to VVT is different regarding the oil pump location - but not sure what the Hellcat difference is - - -

essentially, in theory if I build a straight up engine modeled after the hellcat its almost 800hp... add some ~40ci of displacement and see what happens.

Currently, I only have the block, supercharger, cam/lifters and timing cover. I am currently searching for cylinder heads and determining a tensioner set up for the HC supercharger... just something to keep me busy
Any year Eagle head will flow! They were copied off the 6.1 to use on everything.
Any year Eagle head will flow! They were copied off the 6.1 to use on everything.

I have heard that - I am looking for the 6.4L Apache heads as they are, from what I've seen, are essentially the same exact used on the Hellcat with some minor changes (intake bolt pattern) - I know Edelbrock is releasing their Gen III heads and are drilled for both a traditional intake and the Hellcat... but $$$. The prices of Hellcat parts is amazing... water pump, timing cover combined is almost $1200... I may have to try and figure out a better mousetrap using a 6.1L set up
Stroke it, Eddy blower on top, happy camper!
Stroke it, Eddy blower on top, happy camper!

I mean I could do that - in hindsight - running an aftermarket supercharger may make more sense from a money standpoint... but we will see. I have a hellcat timing cover and a spare 6.1L timing cover - going to mock it all up and see what's what. I already have the hellcat SC but if its going to take $3-4K in timing cover, water pump, tensioner, etc etc to get it on the engine... it would be cheaper to just get a whipple or something like that.
Well keeping on with this for those who care...

Scored some 6.1L heads and plan on dropping my block off to my machinist in a couple weeks - this will determine what the one hurt cylinder will clean up at as the kit I am looking at allows for either +0.010" or +0.025" - Seeing how bad the one cylinder is will determine how I move forward.

I was doing a compare/contrast on the 6.1L and the Hellcat timing covers since Holley was useless as responding to my inquiry as to which of their oil pan kits would work for me. I determined the Hellcat timing cover mounts the front oil pan bolts closer to the engine block - I also notices that the hellcat timing cover pushed the A/C compressor and Alternator forward a bit - I assume this is to allow for the SC belt to be mounted inboard of the accessory drive.

So - the next thing will be ordering the factory Hellcat tensioner bracket so can determine where to have by head modified (Factory Hellcat heads have an added mounting boss on the head for the 3rd bolt of this bracket. I plan on turning an aluminum slug on the lathe, drill, tap, and have it welded onto the head in the correct location)

The Hellcat heads have a different intake manifold bolt pattern for the SC compared to a traditional intake manifold but I will simply run spacers for this. That way I have the option of running a traditional intake if I ever find the need.

I am somewhat learning as I go since aftermarket information on the Gen III Hemi seems to be pretty limited as to "what/how/ifs" so I am just brain dumping any info I find here in case I or others need to reference it
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