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Happy Birthday Jellybean


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5:26 AM
Jan 29, 2018
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Midland Ontario, Canada
Jennifer would be 39 today and that makes 9 years now we haven't been able to watch her blow out the candles.

Time marches on, but the emotions are still pretty raw.

Hopefully there's a bar up there and my Sister Wendy is buying her rounds today!

2015 going out with the gals for her 30th and final Birthday.

Her last flight with me August 2014

World of Wheels Oshawa April 1990
beepics 023.JPG

Loading up for World of Wheels Oshawa April 1990.
beepics 015.JPG
The love and respect you hold for her is admirable.
Cheers and bless you for your dedication.
It takes a lot to put a tear in my eye but I'm reading this and feeling it...
not how it's supposed to end.
Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady.
That's sad, good thing is you have the memories still...

RIP & Happy Birthday Jennifer
Happy Birthday Jennifer
My heart aches. I cannot imagine.

Happy birthday Jennifer.

Thanks for sharing
Sorry to you and your family Wayne for all of you going through what no parent should ever go through... Happy Birthday to Jennifer.
They are here. We just can't see or hear them. There is an existence we cannot comprehend. The physical environment is the only one we know, but there is a realm beyond what we understand. The closest understanding we have to that, is what we refer to as "love" . And it is that love, that brings beings that we are, closest to those that await us, when it is our turn. That love is eternal... it never dies.
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