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Have you ever cut up a car with a sawzall?

Here are a few.....

71 300 J.JPG
71 300 P.JPG
71 300 S.JPG
71 300 U.JPG
71 300 X.JPG
71 300 X2.JPG

71 300 ZZ.JPG
This Saturn quit running 8 years ago.....had no title and the owner didn't want to get a copy from DMV so.....


SA 14.jpeg

Check out how much plastic crap is in a new car....


That stuff filled an 8 foot truckbed alone.
Another car with no title, electrical problems too....

T 1.jpg

T 17.jpg

T 21.jpg

T 23.jpg

T 28.jpg

T 30.jpg
Must be more to the story on that one, but don't post the pictures on fcbo lol.
I got that car for free in 2008 or 2009. It was a 71 Chrysler 300 from Montana. It was a decent car but back then, I had zero interest in owning a huge green 4 door car. I still have the 440 and 727 from the car. Oddly, though the engine was original to the car, it has a Nov 69 casting date.
Looking back, it was a shame to chop up a solid car like that. It did run but the tank and fuel system were all gunked up, the carburetor needed a rebuild and it was soooooo green!
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We've all done stupid things, mostly in our youth to cars.
I'm not a fan of green cars either Kern. But when you get to the pearly gates, that big green 300 will be there to transport you to a special place.
You need to ask the C body gods for forgiveness.

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Around here I’m kind of the king of parting out cars. I’ve used every single thing at my disposal to chop up cars, from sawzalls, hammer and chisel, torches, you name it. Then Hops told me to use a diamond wheel in a Metabo grinder and it was a game changing moment. It buzzes right through most any metal.

Here’s just a few of the cars that cross my trailer every day!










Sharp eyed viewers will recognize that almost unrecognizable 69 Mach 1 Mustang in the trailer. She was as rough as I’ve seen. Bonus, it came out of the swamp in 3 pieces!










Currently casually sawzall-ing a 71 SSP.

Rotten, rotten, rotten.
Just so I understand - y'all hack up these things for the scrap rate for the metal, yes?
Yep. What's left over that doesn't sell, or isn't worth even trying to sell.

That car has already paid me back and then some.
There are still a few things I'm gonna keep either for my stash or to put up for sale later once they're removed.
Taking the bolts and fasteners off is excruciatingly slow, but it's worth it to get a bucket of Mopar stamped USA made "correct" fasteners.
Versus paying for questionable quality repreo stuff or even big box hardware store prices around $2 a bolt (if you can find one that works).

For whatever reason, it's harder to keep up with scrap prices than it used to be.
There are three scrap yards and one core recycler down the road about 5 miles and two of them used to have prices on a sign board out front.
During covid, both stopped and never restarted.

Thankfully, the last time I had a trailer full it was $9.
It had been between $3 and $4 for several years.

I've got a few modern radiators and condensers and a couple junk electric motors to take to the recycler, and someone threw 2 3500 series truck brake drums and 8 lug rotors in my dumpster a few weeks ago. Those are heavy. Still don't really have a trailer full, though unless I cut a fair amount of that Satellite up.

I really do need the space, but I haven't really had the time or the motivation.
In winter with snow on the ground I use the plasma cutter and torch more but to avoid fires in summer is use my cordless Milwaukee and corded DeWalt and a small air saw for tight spots. Milwaukee blades do bend easier than some others. I have found box store Milwaukee blades seem to be lesser quality and even the package is different. Kind of like Goodyear tires are not the same at Walmart as a tire shop. I use both Milwaukee, Milwaukee Torch, DeWalt, and Hercules from Harbor Freight. The Hercules hold up well for cutting up cars.



I was based in Bermuda for three years, and they don't like cars. To keep the number of cars on the island to a minimum, the laws are that a family can only own one, and if you want to buy another car you have to sell your car to someone else and wait one year before you can register a new one, or you take your old car to the airport and there's a guy there who will cut it in half with torches and saws. He cuts the car in half, certifies a statement and takes a picture of both halves of the car pulled apart, and you can buy your new car.
I would leave that place real quick!!!
I cut up a '64 Nova with a 'sawzah' once....to quote the mighty KernDog "what a pain in the dick" that was! At the time I was young and didn't know much better, if I had to do it now the sawzah would stay in the drawer!

On a kinda-not-really related subject a buddy was going to dismantle a mustang he had years ago ('66 I think?). Before he did, we hauled it out to a car swap meet, put a big sledge hammer on a table and charged people $1 a swing. Made about a hundred each that day:D:D:D
Apparently there's some real mustang haters around here!
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