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HawkRod's new driver - Warning: Non Mopar content!

What does the red X mean?
Red X means someone disagrees with you.. Some of us get a little testy when given a red X especially if the person giving it doesn't have the courtesy to explain why they disagree.... In this case your belly shirt earned a Red X... Gotta be careful with stuff like that... We could save it and bring it back at the most inopportune time... :rofl:
The thing that sucks about those old Vettes is that you can't stretch out your elbow because the door armrest is right up against your side.
From what I understand, 68s were the worst, but Zora forced updates to the 69 to give it more room. It's wider than the 68 due to revised door panels.
My skinny butt actually fits OK in the 69, and it has enough headroom since I'm just about laying down! :p

It was one hell of a chick magnet ,guaranteed
It's funny, but my wife really likes it. So I'm kind of thinking this might become her car. We'll see what the future brings...

foul.......your keg is bigger, and you know it :poke:

I wonder if the green horn moderator will clean up his own thread :popcorn2:
I'm looking for the control that deletes all of one member's input!!! :icon_fU:
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sorry, I really need to be working...... but I'm getting old, and I'm hurtin...... so I do this instead

it's that whole "great life / no life" thing
I'll try to tell a story and channel a bit of @moparedtn although I'll never do stories as good as Ed....

So when I got back from my 2022 drive across country I was driving my 73 Road Runner quite a bit - using it like an (almost) daily driver. I found that I really enjoyed driving a classic car. But, it had some body/ rust issues, and I came to realize that the best thing for the car was to sell it and allow a new, passionate owner to care for it. I found a great young guy and I am really happy about where it ended up.
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But I lost my driver.

Separately, my father-in-law was always into classic Corvettes. I am now am the owner of his 1962 Corvette, which was his pride and joy for many years. In 2019, he asked me to be the next care taker, and I gladly accepted. Yeah, I know it's not a Mopar, but it has classic lines.
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Well, in the early 90's my father-in-law's best friend really wanted a Corvette too. So my father-in-law found him a Corvette in California. He drove and enjoyed it sparingly for many years. Well, then it sat for the the last 7 years, and finally his friend decided to sell the car due to some health reasons.
As you all have surely guessed, I ended up with it. This is mainly because I was able to buy it for a price I couldn't refuse - I would have been stupid to walk away. Yes, the fuel system is gunky, it has some electrical gremlins and the interior needs a little TLC, but the body and paint is super and the car has no rust! Yeah, I know, everyone laughs at "no rust" statements for Corvettes because they are made of fiberglass, but the frames have a tendency to rust. Worse yet, the fiberglass body is built on a "birdcage" of metal. If the birdcage gets rusty, you are pretty well screwed because you essentially have to tear off all the fiberglass to fix it. Well, this car has none of those issues. It is a 69 Corvette Coupe with 30,606 original miles, 350 small block, automatic, A/C, PS, PB and power windows too. It is not a fire breathing hot rod, but instead a perfect cruiser.

So, I am going to clean it up and make this my new (almost) daily driver. I'll drive and enjoy it, and not really be too worried about it.

Here are a couple of shots:
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View attachment 1604486

Now, don't worry. I'm not going over to the "dark side". I'm still a Mopar guy through and through. But sometimes life drops strange opportunities into your lap that you just can't pass up. Plus, this will still be a lot cooler to drive around in than some old Honda Civic or something! Additionally, if I later come upon some cool Mopar that I can make my driver, I can always sell this and convert the money into another Mopar.

I know this a B body forum, so I won't bother you guys with any build details. But I figured I needed to let you know what life dropped in my lap.
Thank you, my friend, I appreciate the kind words - but whereas I typically recall stories, you're actually making them.
Good on ya - but I'll have to admit to being a bit melancholy at the departure of the 'Runner, too.
That car - and your tales of adventures with it - will live on here at FBBO for years to come.
nice belly shirt :eek:

I've developed a thirty pack if anyone is interested
I have a few tee shirts that weren't purchased originally as "belly" types....
But many laundering cycles in hot water, coupled with several surgeries and such, have certainly
rendered them as such nowadays... :lol:
Awesome daily, Hawk. I’m too torn up to climb into those low slung cars every day so I took that into consideration for my new daily driver and stayed Mopar to boot!

Awesome daily, Hawk. I’m too torn up to climb into those low slung cars every day so I took that into consideration for my new daily driver and stayed Mopar to boot!

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Yeah, my real and current daily is my 2020 Ram shown below. It's a great truck, but I'm racking up a lot of miles on it, and in many cases just dragging my sorry butt somewhere with nothing else to carry. Seems a waste to put all the miles on the Ram, so when this 'Vette kind of fell into my lap, I figured I'd just throw miles on it instead.

So I guess I'll beat on the 69 Corvette to save miles on my 2020 Ram! :poke: Some purists might not like that I will be driving the wheels off of the 69, but I don't care. They made tons of them and this is nothing special since it has the base engine and an automatic.

Dang truck is probably faster than the Vette! I've often thought an early Mustang would make a good daily even in the winter. Parts are dirt cheap for them to fix rust damage as it comes up and just beat on it every day without depreciating my truck as well. With the price of trucks I won't be buying another one if I can help it.
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