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HawkRod's new driver - Warning: Non Mopar content!

Same here. I like my truck, even though 90% of the time . I have nothing in the back
its comfortable, gets pretty good fuel mileage and can pull a trailer when / if I need to

My truck is exactly like your truck, I have put 100k on it in four years.
Ive only owned mine since Aug of 2022 with about 90k on it. and put about 50k miles on it since then

It's been back and forth across the country twice now.
And will make another trip this summer, only this one will have a trailer behind it

I recently retired so hopefully miles per year will go down.
God willing, this is my last truck. Someday if it needs and engine or trans. I will do it.
I might buy one more truck before I retire, it won't be a new one though, just a newer version of the 2014 I have now.
I realize I'm a bit of a hypocrite with new cars and all their options. On one hand I will state that my Road Runner has all the options I need. Yet when I get in the truck I use the heated steering wheel and heated seats (or A/C seats in the summer). I have to admit that the cameras are nice when I am trying to squeeze it in a really tight spot too.

The problem with the new vehicles is fixing them. They get so complicated, and on top of that the manufacturers make is as difficult as possible for us shade tree mechanics to fix them. So I figure I'll (mostly) daily drive an old car, and I can easily understand and fix anything on it. Maybe, just maybe, that'll save me from getting issues too soon with my truck since I won't be putting as many miles on it. :poke:
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