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Hello from Tacoma, WA! ('74 Charger)


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Apr 9, 2024
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University Place, WA
Hello from Tacoma, WA- long time reader...finally joined since I'm now circling back to some long-needed work on my '74 Charger. Seems like a great community of Mopar folks here.

The quick backstory: I've had the Charger since high school...I believe I bought in 2000. It came with a tired and leaky 318. After owning the car for a couple of years, I had a shop swap in a 360 (still LA). Well, it turns out they didn't know the difference in balancing between the 318 and 360. At the time, I did not either. They moved the neutral balance flex plate/TC and balancer to the 360. Needless to say, no bueno. The shop could not figure out what was wrong. By the time I figured out what was going on, the shop was out of business, so no recourse. I then installed the correct offset weighted combo. This helped immensely but it was never "right". I assume bearings etc were already too far gone. I continued to drive it on and off up until ~10 years ago. It has been parked in the garage ever since.

Fast forward to now: I finally have some time and (hopefully) the knowledge to do things right. I started going down the EFI rabbit hole (and many other rabbit holes). I *think* I've settled on sticking with carb and mech fuel pump, and just keeping things simple in general. Otherwise, I fear I will never get her back on the road! Not doing a full resto- just fixing what needs to be fixed and adding a few nice things along the way. Looking for a nice street car to use as a semi-daily driver.

I recently pulled the engine, trans, and fuel tank. Now starting on some body, chassis, and fuel system items:
- Patch rear footwells (very bad rust through)
- Subframe connectors- I hear this will be "fun" due to the isolated torsion bar crossmember in the way :/
- Fuel system rehab & planning
-- tank cleaned and new 3/8" pickup installed
-- rebuild existing Holley Street Avenger
-- Aeromotive fuel log w/ double adjustable regulator
-- plumb in a return line
-- new mech fuel pump

After all of that is done, the high-level plan is:
- General health check of brakes, steering linkage, bushings, rear end -- repair/replace as needed.
- Will use existing Mopar electronic (orange box) ignition- possibly send out dizzy for recurve
- 727 to trans shop for reseal
- Gear Vendors overdrive
- 408ci long block (Magnum)- not sure where I'll source this yet.
- Serpentine pulley system
- Probably use existing long tube headers and dual exhaust w/ balance tube as this is all still in good shape.

I'm sure I'll find more things that need to be done along the way. Good to know this forum is here for when the inevitable questions arise. Wish me luck! Hoping I can contribute and help others, too.




Welcome from Alabama, glad you have a plan and are keeping it simple in the beginning.
Welcome, from VERmont, to the #1 MOPAR site on Earth! Nice Charger! Good luck and ask questions when you need to, we're here for you. Ghost.
Welcome from two states south on the central coast.

Cool story
good luck with the 74 Charger

welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
Welcome, from Northwood Ohio!. My step son lives in Indianola. We're headed there this August. Maybe catch a local show while we're out there
Welcome to the best Mopar site ever. You will find a great community here with lots of hands on experience and pictures to help guide you through just about anything your project needs.

I am not too far north of you in Lynnwood and there are more people in this general area and that is good to see. Sounds like you have a great plan and you are prepared for challenges along the way.

Every step is progress and motivation to get through the challenges and driving down the road to wring out the little things feels great. Really puts a smile on your face.








Cool Charger project. My friend brought me this 73 Charger from LA. Welcome to the site!


Welcome from South of you. See you on the road soon I hope. I have had 9 3rd Gen Chargers .... 2 as of right now.
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