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Hoovie is learning what i already knew.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
My 1991 Ford F-150 extended cab, long bed only has 118K miles on it. It drives like brand new. With the long wheelbase, it rides smoothly. It has a couple of dents but the interior is like new. I paid $900 about 6 years ago and had the transmission rebuilt for another $1000. I love that thing.

Tyler Hovver bought a 72.

That guy is barely more tolerable than Scotty Kilmer. BOTH are dorks.
I actually kicked *** on my divorce. No regrets.

I've always liked Tyler. Maybe it's the Kansas connection. I can handle Scotty for about 3/4s of the way through his shows. I like Vice Grip Garage too. Do they still make Garage Squad? I don't have regular TV so I've seen a few but certainly not all of them. The last one I caught the girl wasn't as attractive as the other ones I've seen. I like Wheeler Dealers because he actually tells you the price he buys and sells for. But that little guy looks like he puts on 15 pounds every year.

I can see myself cashing out of my big house and buying a farm/ranch like Tyler. My dream is to be on a mountain 50 miles from my nearest neighbor. I know Tyler's farm is by Belleview, Kansas. It's up by Nebraska. There's really not much up there. As a geologist, I know there are some interesting rock formations up there. Our regular ranch is being encroached on by new homes I think it's going to have to be sold and divided for the big bucks.
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