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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
1991 Ford F-150 long bed, extended cab. Like this but 2wd. Kinda beat up but low miles.


1981 Dodege RAM 50 Royale

Like this but black. In really great shape.


02 2500HD Crew cab
8.1 Allison
275/65/18 tires
This is not mine, but looks almost identical. I have regular mirrors, the bow tie is blacked out with a red outline, and the windows are tinted. Otherwise looks just like this.
This truck would pull the freckles off an Irish girl. Major tow rig, drive it around once in a while anyway but I try to keep it out of the salt as a truck like this is expensive AF to buy now, I need this one to last.


98 Dakota Sport 5.2/5 speed 4x4.
Again not mine here, but just like it. Mine has rust on the rockers because it is from WI. Bought it last year with 52k miles and now it is at almost 58k as I drive it to work everyday. Righteous burnouts. Gets 21mpg, handles winter really well, no annoying LED panels blaring in my face. Hope to run it for a long time. 90's Dodge white with red decals looks amazing on these trucks.


1990 Ramcharger 360/auto OD.
This is not mine. Mine is very clean, but the paint job probably cost 1/3 of what this guy's did as it isn't a clear coat job. I have factory steel wheels yet, I do have 15x10 chromes to put on but need to buy tires and waste not want not, 31.5's on it now are still good.
Last year of the 80's body with an actual hood ornament, first year of an OD transmission available. 3.55 gears(locking rear) means it scoots along. I did a disc brake conversion on the back, and put a very nice Alpine stereo in it with 6x9's in the 4 corners. Has a small in line amp, could use a dedicated amp and one of those bazooka subs or similar with adjustable level, there is a LOT of space/air inside this thing lol :)
Hoot to drive, if you never have.... it is a big bounce 80's truck, with a wheelbase short enough you can turn a 180 on a narrow two lane road without reverse. So it feels agile somehow, even though it is a full size 4x4. Nothing quite like this style of truck and they will never make them again.

Bucket list: shortbox Dodge from the 70's. It is a ways down the list though, and likely won't happen. They are extinct in WI for the most part and I don't have funds for more projects.
No longer mine, but also retired, after 1.7 million miles. Head of maintenance for the company I leased to bought the truck and restored it. He ran a Peterbilt 379 flat top like it when he was on the road in the 90s.

88 Dakota 4x4 v6 auto. Bought new and was my daily driver for 20 years. Now just my truck when I need it.
Has some battle scars from when a tree fell on it during a snow storm and then some hail damage last year.
My 96 Ram 2500 V10 that I have owned almost 27 years and is still 90% all original, but rusting away to nothing thanks to the Michigan winters, but still going. Only things I have changed are brakes pads, shoes, front rotors, replace steering components, batteries and a belt. This truck owes me nothing.
I finally, bought something a little newer. A 2004.5 Cummins H.O. 3500 Dually that has been just as impressive and more so. Pulling my loaded 28' enclosed trailer with car, tools, equipment etc it still averages 17.9 MPG.






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Here’s my 2011 Ram 2500 6.7. All Thuren front suspension and Fox 2.0’s along with Spyntec manual hub conversion.

Bought this new at the last dealer I worked at. 2004.5 Dually, Cummins HO, NV56OO 6 Spd trans, 2X. Almost 226k on it, has all 3 hitch types but only used the receiver so far. Hopefully soon it heads to a new home as the 67 wagon I got in January is its replacement.


I have a 78 Little Red Express truck, a 79 Little Red Express truck, 96 Indy Ram, a 2005 2500 4x4 Cummins, a 2014 Express Hemi Ram 1500 and a 75 Dodge van. The 2014 is in front of the Challenger. I have decided that I have to downsize my fleet so 5 of the 6 are going to be sold. So far I have a deposit on the 79 Little Red Express truck, and I will be delivering it before the end of the month. I will be getting ready to put the van and the other Little Red Express truck up for sale soon. My wife drives the Indy Ram,but wants to downsize her fleet too. I am going to finish sorting out a few things on the 2005 Diesel Ram and drive that,and trade the 2014 in towards a Hellcat Challenger. Lots to do,before the fall.






Trusty 2007 Ranger. I'm the 2nd owner. About 140,000 miles. Stripper 4 cylinder auto with AC. Hope to keep it on the road forever.


Just a few of the 100 or so I have owned or driven over the last 52 years...









Every truck I’ve had has been Dodge, starting with a ’97 1500 4x4. Next was an ’02 Dakota Sport and one I have now is an ’05 Dakota fully optioned Laramie AWD. The size is fine for around 75% of what I need a truck for. Couple years ago after doing some hunting for another truck, was shocked by the prices even the used ones. Kept searching to keep finding crazy prices for trucks with only 25k less miles than mine and w/o most of the options. Did a partial body-transplant on mine, rust-free bed, re-pop fenders, new bumper, refurbish the doors, gate, undercoated the frame…lots of undercoating, and a few other things easier to do when the body parts were off, new struts, exhaust mani-gaskets. 4,500 dollars later, have a truck that looks pert-new.

Some like the new trucks; all fine, but all the fancy gizmo’s doesn’t appeal to me. And I have a ’91 Dodge 2500 as the plow truck, manual trans. Rusting to chit, with only 112k on it, if I was a bit younger, I’d do a re-do on it…my resto days have left me plus dang, the projects on deck for my kids..

Dak resto 15.jpg
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