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Hutch won't be down for breakfast

Richard Cranium

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Feb 20, 2012
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Dead at 80.

'Starsky & Hutch' actor David Soul dead at 80

Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul starred together in 'Starsky & Hutch,' which ran from 1975-1979​


Who's gonna post his music vids?
One of my favorite detectives. During the 80's, his mother lived in a condominium not far from where I grew up.
The mid-70's Torinos always remind me of that duo...

Nice jacket.
RIP Hutch
They drove the sh*t out of that Torino
R.I.P. Hutch
In '73 I was too young to know about Magnum Force. I saw that movie about '77. Initially it was hard for my early teenage mind to understand how he could be such a cold hearted character after being introduced to the affable Ken Hutchinson. I enjoyed his work.
Sorry to hear this news. Show was pretty good, I liked the Torino (had one back then)... He had a #1 hit with "Don't Give Up on Us". R.I.P., thanks for the memories.
RIP Hutch, David Soul

I just watched a few old Starsky & Hutch episodes
on xfinity/youtube a few nights ago
RIP Hutch
They drove the sh*t out of that Torino
supposedly Paul Micheal Glasser coun't stand the car and tried his best to wreck it. I felt the same way after having one for four years. Biggest POS I ever had.
I remember loving Starsky and Hutch when it was on TV. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a Starsky and Hutch Torino with a CB radio in the hatch. Loved that thing!
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Watched show every week back in the day.

I just rescued this 80s street stock dirt track car from the crusher

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