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I went to a preview of a government auction today.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
Man if you want a white truck this is the place for you. Lots of 2500's Ford, Chevy, Ram. Lots of Ford Rangers, SUVs and cars. A few Tahoes and Expeditions. Saw some Police Interceptor Ford SUVs. A lot of backhoes and dump trucks. Quite a few wrecked police vehicles. I'd never been to one. I had just seen and heard about them on the internet. Bidding is by internet tomorrow. I'll let you know what kind of prices there were.
Were the BH's and DT's white too??
Okay, the one truck I was interested in was a '01 Ram 2500 4x4 standard cab with a V10. It had 86,000 miles. It was pretty slick but it was a work truck, not a fancy one. It sold for $7,750 so about $8K with auction expenses and taxes. A similar V8 with more miles sold similarly. A 2001 2500 2WD with 80K miles, standard cab V10 sold for $3,000. Most full-size trucks were similar and the prices went up as they were newer. I wanted something I could haul my car and trailer with. Overall I didn't think there were any great bargains but I'm pretty cheap. 2wd just doesn't make a lot of sense in Colorado.

Here is the completed auction page. Go to page 4 for trucks.

I thought about getting that Zodiac-type boat to run the rapids here in Colorado but my friend said I'd end up killing myself.
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