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Is there any information on decoding my Ibm card for my 67 charger


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Jan 28, 2019
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Hi just got my card sent to me and I read that if I draw a horizontal line between each line of punches and number them starting from the top to the bottom from 0to9 i can then figure out which numbers are in each column but some punches line directly up with each other what do I do then? Signed very confused


I had found my original ones in my car when i purchased it. Had no idea what they were. After posting them there is a company that will interpret them but it wasnt cheap. Will see if i can find info for you
The system is quite efficient. A single punch in a column indicates a number 0-9. Two punches in a single column indicate letters. Three punches in a column indicates other characters. Groups of columns combine to indicate two or more character descriptions like the SO number, dealer number, shipping date, etc.

With the key below, you can decode your own card. There is no reason to pay someone to do it. Let me know if you need help.

Card Codes and Graphics for 67-Character Set.jpg
The rows are numbered on the right hand side, however the first 2 rows are labeled R and X, then 0 through 9.

R is for letters A-I.
X is for letters J-R.
0 (zero) is for letters S-Z.

To get a letter, you need 2 punches in a column, one in row R, X, or Zero, and one in row 1-9.

The VIN printed at the top left, above 'VEHICLE SERIAL NUMBER' is punched out in columns 16-28.

A few examples from your card.

Column 16 and 17 are Car Line and Prem. Class, the first 2 digits of your VIN printed at the top.
Column 16 has a punch at row 0 and 7 which = X.
Column 17 has a punch at row X and 7 which = P.

Some columns can have more than one number punch to designate more than one option in that group.

Column 40 has a punch on row 8 and 6.
So, you have 408 and 406.
408= Sure-Grip
406= Axle Ratio 3.55
Wow thank you so much for this information this means a lot to me thank you for getting back to me. I truly hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season .
Sir if I could ask a question i understand how you used the columns and numbers but I feel that I am missing something when I did your example for column 17 it worked but column 16 did not i came up with y not x . It does work if i shift the letters and aline them to the right because there is one less letter in row 0.
Pic below of blank card.

R, X, and 0-9 are on the bottom, in this pic.

In example below, turn card counter clockwise and draw lines horizontal.

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