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It was a good day for the 1970 Coronet 500.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I haven't messed with it much all summer but my little brother was in town and I roped him into helping me.

Earlier I pulled the plugs and filled the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil. After a while, we spun the motor over to eject most of it. That's when we hauled it off to a friend's house and the 1969 Corvette project was started.

Today we got after it and installed all the new plugs. That was a bitch. It took both of us, one under the car and one on top trying to find the plug holes and getting in around the exhaust manifold of the 383. Once it was all in and hooked up we disconnected the fuel line and started manually feeding it fuel while we hot-wired the car from under the hood and at the solenoid. We got some pops and eventually got it running for about a minute. We patted ourselves on the back and called it a short day. I have no idea how long it's been since it ran. I know when I bought it all we did was turn the engine over with a breaker bar.

Great start, she will be running in no time
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Honestly, I'd love to keep it and make it great but I have too many cars. I can't take all of them all the way to perfect. I'll probably get it running, driving, and maybe stopping and then put it on the market. As I told you when I got it, it came from New Mexico and is almost rust-free.
The interior is sun-damaged but cool. Buckets with the buddy seat. It will make a good R/T clone. A Super Bee is a step down in trim level from a 500 but I love them. Don't ask me how much 'cause I don't know. Super, super, super original! It has no Day 2 stuff on it.

Current projects:
1969 Charger SE 383
1970 Coronet 500 383
1971 Charger 500. 383 Almost done. I will probably sell it.
1973 Grand Am. 455 My number one keeper.
1969 Corvette 350 (That one's a flip for sure.)
1991 Ford F-150 351 Low miles needs body work.
1981 Camaro 350 Bumble Bee.

1997 Camaro SS. 350 Not a project, it's in great original shape.
1971 Challenger 408. It's all finished.

Thanks for asking. I'm at 90%. I think the antibiotics I was taking were making me feel bad now that I'm done with those, I feel better.
How much of a mess did you make with the MM oil? I always think of a crime scene when I hear MM oil and potentially stuck motor.
Great news! Such a nice looking original car. I don't think I could let it go.
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