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Leno again. MC accident.

I hope Jay recovers.
In regards to the wire thing-
It will depend on state laws. It will also depend on if the wire was within the public property line(depending on state of course) or not.
Example: your mailbox.
Mine in my rural area is on a railroad tie 6 feet in the ground or so. If someone were to run into it with a car it might as well be a tree. I can do this because the mail route ends on my driveway and they turn around in my driveway, so it is in MY property. Someone hits it, they shouldn't be on my property. (in my state!)
neighbor can't do this. his mailbox is alongside the road. if someone hit it, he would get sued into oblivion for putting that on the roadside.

So if this wire is well off the public road corridor Jay should not have been there and it is his fault for being there(in my state!) if it was across the end of a driveway by the street property owner may have put something up on what is considered public land(the street corridor) and property owner may be in for a world of hurt.
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