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Let's recommend a new vehicle for an old girlfriend.

I did suggest the C8 convertible. Her previous car was an Audi convertible. I've tried to steer her away from German stuff. It depends on how they take care of themselves.

Told a friend that buying German can be very costly. 8 years later, about 25,000 miles dash circuit board/computer went out. Almost 5000.00$ later he was complaining about it.
My reply was if you can afford to purchase prestige, you shouldn’t worry about the upkeep.
Toyota Supra
I hadn't thought Supra, I said Mustang because they are new for '24 and come as convertibles. I know this is weird but she'll put a bike rack on anything that isn't an open-bed truck. I mean the trailer hitch type. Mountain bikers are everywhere out here of course and they use those bed flaps and hang the front forks over the closed bed. I thought of the Mavericks but aren't they still demanding a premium?

I also though dealers might be getting rid of '23s and who the F--- buys a car at Christmas?
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Lexus IS500 FSport
Love/hate the grill. The car itself is a big F-YOU to the WEF.
Toyota is a front runner in the "not EV" side of things. They made a compact car with a 300HP 3 cyl engine with a turbo. They are still making CARS. So I would support that company. The IS500 has a 5 litre V8.

Infinity Q60 400AWD
twin Turbo 6. I am pretty sure this car continues the trend of being a dolled up Nissan Z, with an auto trans only and some other tweaks. Not as big a fan of Nissan, but they had the balls to release a new Z right in the thick of all the announced EV crazyness. With a manual transmission to boot!

Mustangs are chick cars. Ford has been a pox on the automotive world outside of a very select few things for the last 20 years. So even though the car might be a fit, I would not give them a cent.
GM only makes EV's and crossovers, and they are all ugly.

Most chicks don't want a truck unless they WANT a truck. She would know and not bother asking you if that was what she was after. She wants something exotic and sporty and "look at me" and not masculine. Jap car. Sporty, luxury, bright red Jap car.
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