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Looking for info on my 69 charger


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FBBO Gold Member
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Nov 20, 2019
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Hello I'm looking for info on my 69 charger. The vin is XS29L9B193668. I've decoded the fender tag but I'm looking for some history on the car I.E. old owner or original engine or trans. I bought the car from a place in Wisconsin but I believe it was from New Mexico. Any info is appreciated. Thank you
post a pic of when you bought it.
pic is my avatar.
You don't give us much to go on. Show some pictures of what it looked like when it was in NM. Can't see much in that little avatar pic.
I don't have any pics of the car in NM. The title was from there. I also don't have a ton to go on but i was hoping a member from that area might recognize the vin.

NM is a big place. What is the town or city? What is the original color?
no more info other than NM on the title. A4 platinum is the original color 440, 727 black r/t black vinyl top
Well that is a rare colour for the car so it might twig someones memory...but I'd bet you'd have better luck with any pics of the car from before the resto, unless it was a survivour type car but the A4 usually didn't hold up well over time so I'd guess it might have had a repaint.
Yeah it would be nice but I dont have anything like that. The picture I posted have is how I bought it. I went threw all the other pics I have and there is nothing in them that would jog any ones memory, which is the reason for posting the vin number. Oh well I tried.
Put up a want ad for any history, motor, trans with your VIN for the car and perhaps someone will stumble on it one day. If you are out at shows and cruises have a similar wanted sign to toss in the window....you never know.
thank you. the car is along way from that but I aperciate the advice
Welcome to Mopar land. I think we all would like to know the history of our cars. I know that I would. I wonder if the NM motor vehicle division would have records of the past. Good luck, and keep us posted.