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Master cylinder oe application.


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Apr 23, 2015
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Los Osos Ca.
I was checking out the master on my wagon, Doc's unit for front disc conversion 1 1/32" and it appears it may be leaking out the back. Was wet at the booster face but that made have been residual from a few days ago when I put on some better pads and topped off. Before the top off, there was fluid on top by the caps so I washed them off in water, let them dry, then put back on. Also mopped up what was on top, sprayed off with cleaner, wiped master down etc. Looking at it just now, the back section is down, the seal is extended down and I found fluid. Going to keep an eye on it. So anyway, what is the oe application for that two bolt master in case I need to get one locally? Thanks Homies!
Damn, I just went through this but didn't keep notes! Go on the Rock Auto site and click a few years in the mid '80's for a mid-sized Mopar. When you click on the info for the m/c it will show the bore size.

You can also buy a m/c from Strange with that bore size. Reasonably priced.

Don't waste your time buying a repair kit - the bore is likely screwed !!
For sure on the kits, waste of time. Calipers ok, anywhere else F No. Perusing through the Rock's site, it looks like an F body master. Going to eyeball the flare fittings to see if thats the size. 1/2 and 9/16 inv. K car rings a bell but smaller bore and fittings. I want to do a straight swap without fitting adaptors. I have an email in to the Doc, waiting for a reply back. The car isn't my daily driver yet but keeping an eye on it and if needed, switch before I get nothing on the pedal. Thanks for the reply.
Update time. I never did hear back from the Doc so I took a gamble on the F-body master. Good to go so far. Got it bench bled, adjusted the pushrod as it was about 1/2" short on stick out. It's mounted up now and am waiting for my friend Jeff, p/o of my 65, to come by and supply leg for the rest of the process. I'm going to toss it in the air, on stands, to take the wheels off for better bleeder access. Plus check the rear drum adjustments. Old one was for sure piddling out the back.





I guess the PO just slapped it all together. Good to go now. Got the system bled out, went for a drive, all is good. Didn't see any fluid leaks. Will re-check over the next few days.
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