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Mean Green the Time Machine


Thanks I know it’s not perfect but I’m trying to keep everything uniform the car is a beater that was headed to the Crusher ………..
I got the headers painted and motor mounts on almost read to put it back in.

It’s a roadrunner before there were roadrunners! Great find. Sounds like youre having fun with it…. Perfect!
It’s a roadrunner before there were roadrunners! Great find. Sounds like youre having fun with it…. Perfect!
Thanks it is like a RR but better it’s it was an ordered plus it’s was a one owner ..
I picked this car up a few weeks ago bought it sight unseen from a guy that didn't know much about mopars. It was an estate sale from the oringal owner who had past away several years ago and this was his ride , he ordered the car new with a 383 four barrel dual exhaust 3.91 post bench seat auto on the column. The car has been off the road since 82 and it sat outside under a tarp so I didn't get a lot of info on it . When it showed in Michigan from Colorado it barely ran and it was a mess What Did I DO !!!!! Well I went to work on the car and it fought me all the way the new battery that came with it had a dead cell, the car smoked like a teen age pot head, it had new plug wires and a dist plus coil but the plugs looked like they had been in it since 1972 . I founds lots of papers and trash, pot seeds, two roaches (not the bug kind) and every ash tray was full of cigarette butts.... This thing is like going back to the High school parking lot in 1981. There is a under dash sparko-matic tape deck with a 7 band eq I found a few tapes, Deep purple, Boston and Pink Floyd The Wall to name a few. Well I got it running and tuned up with fresh oil and plugs and I have put about 100 miles on it and this this is a runner it's so hard to believe a car can sit for forty years and run and drive this good. It still needs some work but this car is mean, very fast I had to put 93 octane gas in it and it still will ping now and then WOW !!!!! Every time I get in this thing I feel like I'm in high School cruising around jamming some tunes looking for chicks and someone to race!!!!

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lol, the story is awesome
Update I have the engine in and all bolted up new 3/8 fuel line installed working on the wiring now.
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